Contra Gentes

Read by Jonathan Lange

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Contra Gentes is the first of a two volume work published by Athanasius of Alexandria prior to the outbreak of the Arian controversy (ca. 319). It focuses especially on pagan beliefs and worship concluding with a defense of the Christian view of God and creation -- especially creation by the eternal Word. In this way, the ground is prepared for the second volume of his work, now published separately under the title De Incarnatione Verbi. (Summary by Jonathan Lange) (2 hr 31 min)


1 - Part 1a (§ 1-7) 21:30 Read by Jonathan Lange
2 - Part 1b (§ 8-12) 19:38 Read by Jonathan Lange
3 - Part 1c (§ 13-22) 29:26 Read by Jonathan Lange
4 - Part 1d (§ 23-29) 22:24 Read by Jonathan Lange
5 - Part 2 (§ 30-34) 15:04 Read by Jonathan Lange
6 - Part 3a (§ 35-39) 16:26 Read by Jonathan Lange
7 - Part 3b (§ 40-47) 27:05 Read by Jonathan Lange


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(5 stars)

He goes through all the various gods man has made and from there he breaks down logically why there is only 1 True God. It's a really good book and the reader, Jonathan Lange, is excellent as always. Highly recommend

(5 stars)

Fascinating discussion on the Mythology of Greece and Rome. Well read on Librivox.

Great book, clearly read.

(5 stars)

Great book, describing the order of Creation as being intimately dependent not on itself, neither on the whims of opposing spiritual forces but upon the hospitable Word of God.


(5 stars)

excellent reading of a very important work of the early church

(4 stars)

Worth listening to, good reader, and added to my understanding.👍

explains much

(5 stars)

hugely insightful but with reflection redundant