The Girl Who Had Nothing

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(4.1 stars; 25 reviews)

The Girl Who Had Nothing is about a young orphan girl in desperate circumstances, who throws herself on the mercy of an elderly stranger. By her own intelligence and wit, she manages to survive, and very nicely at that! (Summary by LynnAlison) (3 hr 39 min)


The Old Lady in the Victoria 23:03 Read by LynnAlison
The Old Lady's Nephew 11:25 Read by LynnAlison
A Deal in Clerios 19:20 Read by LynnAlison
The Steam Yacht Titania 17:42 Read by LynnAlison
The Landlady at Woburn Place 15:32 Read by LynnAlison
The Tenants of Roseneath Park 21:49 Read by LynnAlison
The Woman Who Knew 17:23 Read by LynnAlison
Lord Northmuir's Young Relative 26:25 Read by Lucretia B.
A Journalistic Mission 17:10 Read by Mae Rose
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Kismet and a V.C. 16:46 Read by Denise Nordell
A New Love and an Old Enemy 8:43 Read by Denise Nordell


(3 stars)

interesting. the power of women to manipulate mainly for selfish reasons but at times for the good of others. readers at the beginning were pretty good. Last two readers were intolerable with distracting noises, mumbling words, and speed reading.

Excellent narration, strange little story

(3 stars)

Not my favorite of Mrs. Williamson's works

(4 stars)

“The Girl Who Had Nothing” is the interesting story of the dreams and schemes of Jane, a clever young beauty who had been abandoned as a young child, to the care of a boardinghouse matron. The matron took every advantage of the charity case girl, often mistreating her, and little Jane planned for day when she could escape the misery and begin her climb to wealth and freedom. Each step of her journey is full of bold risks, intriguing plots, and an indomitable spirit. Her beauty, intelligence, and ability to read people led her into many escapades. She often played at different characters, and did not hesitate to hide her true motives, but along the way, she always befriended and helped out weaker people.