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(4.8 stars; 45 reviews)

"Mäzli" may be pronounced the most natural and one of the most entertaining of Madame Spyri's creations. The atmosphere is created by an old Swiss castle and by the romantic associations of the noble family who lived there. Plot interest is supplied in abundance by the children of the Bergmann family with varying characters and interests. A more charming group of young people and a more wise and affectionate mother would be hard to find. Every figure is individual and true to life, with his or her special virtues and foibles, so that any grown person who picks up the volume will find it a world in miniature and will watch eagerly for the special characteristics of each child to reappear. Naturalness, generosity, and forbearance are shown throughout not by precept but by example. The story is at once entertaining, healthy, and, in the best sense of a word often misused, sweet. Insipid books do no one any good, but few readers of whatever age they may be will fail to enjoy and be the better for Mäzli. (Summary from the Foreword, written by Charles Wharton Stork) (5 hr 59 min)


00 - Foreword 3:15 Read by Daryl Wor
01 - In Nolla 23:26 Read by Daryl Wor
02 - Divers Worries 44:13 Read by Daryl Wor
03 - Castle Wildenstein 55:25 Read by Daryl Wor
04 - An Unexpected Apparition 29:51 Read by Daryl Wor
05 - Oppressive Air 33:16 Read by Daryl Wor
06 - New Friends 36:28 Read by Daryl Wor
07 - The Mother's Absence Has Consequences 51:16 Read by Daryl Wor
08 - Maezli Pays Visits 32:01 Read by Daryl Wor
09 - In The Castle 49:56 Read by Daryl Wor



(5 stars)

wonderful story!!! I love it! awesome reading too! I'm french and I could understand everything! thank you!

Such a sweet, sweet story!

(5 stars)

I enjoyed immensely this sweet, wholesome story. It showcases good sound principles that never go out of style.


(5 stars)

What a lovely heartwarming story! Thank you Daryl for the excellent reading!! I enjoyed very minute of the story!!!

Very moving story

(5 stars)

We really enjoyed listening to this book. The Christian element was so encouraging. We can't wait to listen to another of these marvelous stories.

thoroughly enjoyed

(5 stars)

Such a relaxing listen in a chaotic world. The reader was very good!

great reader

(2.5 stars)

Very good reader, however the story was a little slow for me.


(5 stars)

it is a toss-up which is my favorite between this one and Cornelli


(5 stars)

I really like this simple tale of long ago. The heart wrenching sorrow of one generation is carried by the next, but God gives comfort and healing.