On the Laws

Read by Geoffrey Edwards

(3.6 stars; 28 reviews)

On the Laws (Latin: De Legibus) was written shortly after Cicero's "On the Commonwealth" during the last years of the Roman Republic. The three surviving books (out of an original six), in order, expound on Cicero's beliefs in Natural Law, recast the religious laws of Rome (in reality a rollback to the religious laws under the king Numa Pompilius) and finally talk of his proposed reforms to the Roman Constitution. (Summary Adapted from Wikipedia) (4 hr 11 min)


Book I (Part I) I-IX 37:30 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
Book I (Part II) X-XXIV 47:36 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
Book II (Part I) I-XV 57:02 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
Book II (Part II) XVI-XXVII 42:22 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
Book III 1:06:58 Read by Geoffrey Edwards


(5 stars)

So inspiring, feel like the new politicians need to hear this Mandatory .

A well executed reading

(5 stars)

Did Cicero and Mitchell Edwards proud! Great production

(5 stars)

Very well done, and he pronounced the Latin names properly, except Cicero's!

orator sucks

(1 stars)

Uses weird inflection and emphasizes the wrong syllable of many words. To distracting to gain meaning from, much less enjoy

can't listen

(0.5 stars)

can not understand the reading, far to distracted by VERY frequent inflections, is this a bad AI voice?

the orator was disciplined

(1 stars)

who knows how many times it was changed but it does offer thought to their descriptions of gods