Creative Unity

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Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore talks of the many things he feels is necessary for creativity through joy of unity, he covers many topics like the creative ideal, makes comparisons of creativity between the east and the west, the spirit of freedom and about his idea of an University. (Summary by sidhu177) (4 hr 27 min)


00 - Introduction 3:14 Read by Lucretia B.
01 - The Poet's Religion 43:52 Read by Lucretia B.
02 - The Creative Ideal 17:09 Read by Bellona Times
03 - The Religion of the Forest 38:29 Read by Raz Mason
04 - An Indian Folk Religion 29:42 Read by Chiquito Crasto
05 - East and West 25:16 Read by Chiquito Crasto
06 - The Modern Age 20:37 Read by Chiquito Crasto
07 - The Spirit of Freedom 13:12 Read by spiritualbeing
08 - The Nation 19:06 Read by Raz Mason
09 - Woman and Home 12:16 Read by Chiquito Crasto
10 - An Eastern University 44:55 Read by Chiquito Crasto


(5 stars)

This is my most cherished work of Tagore. Reading it at age. 77 gave me fresh insight into what my life has been about : 12 Stanford years, 6 living children, 3 marriages , 50 years a physician.

(5 stars)

Wish they taught me this in school.

Profound Global Understanding

(5 stars)

Another great Tagore book excellently read mostly by Chiquito Castro on how to transcend global ignorance from our nation state limitations. Highly recommended listening in today's globalization.