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(4.2 stars; 24 reviews)

Eurpides' tragedy tells of Theseus' chaste son Hippolytus, who refuses to worship Aphrodite in favor of Artemis. Aphrodite gets revenge by causing Hippolytus' stepmother Phaedra to fall in love with him, unleashing a chain of tragic events. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett)

Aphrodite: Caprisha Page
Theseus: Bruce Pirie
Phaedra: Elizabeth Klett
Hippolytus: mb
Nurse: April Gonzales
Henchman: Bob Gonzalez
Artemis: Arielle Lipshaw
Chorus leader: Naomi Park
Chorus 1: Amanda Friday
Chorus 2: Elizabeth Klett
Chorus 3: Amy Gramour
Old Huntsman: Delmar H. Dolbier
Narrator: Leni

Audio edited by Elizabeth Klett (1 hr 38 min)


Part 1 47:49 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Part 2 51:05 Read by Elizabeth Klett



(2.5 stars)

Couldn’t understand a word you spoke, Nurse. Irony - companion story to Hippolytus, Pygmalion. And an adaptation to Shaw’s version of that story. “Repeat after me, ‘The rain in Spain lies mainly on the plain.’” Please enunciate.

(1.5 stars)

Have to agree on the nurse. A for effort, I guess, but think of the audience. If you can’t be understood, maybe be the editor instead of a reader.

Overall, a good reading

(4 stars)

Most of the readers are good, but the nurse uses a foreign accent that is very hard to understand.