Thorstein of the Mere: A Saga of the Northmen in Lakeland

Read by Phil Benson

(4.6 stars; 35 reviews)

A fine adventure set in 10th-century England at a time when everyday life in north was made hazardous by wars and shifting alliances among Saxon, British and Norse rulers. Thorstein, like his father Swein before him, is a peaceful Norse settler but brave and ready for battle when the time comes. His adventures as child and man will appeal to younger listeners, while older listeners can enjoy a history lesson into the bargain. W. G. Collingwood, artist and antiquarian, set the story in his adopted home of the Lake District, placing Thorstein's settlement at Greenodd on the southern shores of Cumbria and much of the action among the densely forested valleys and open moorland heights to the north - a much wilder region then than it is today. (Summary by Phil Benson) (7 hr 51 min)


01 - Chapters 1-3 26:08 Read by Phil Benson
02 - Chapters 4-5 22:07 Read by Phil Benson
03 - Chapters 6-7 19:46 Read by Phil Benson
04 - Chapters 8-10 28:19 Read by Phil Benson
05 - Chapters 11-13 26:10 Read by Phil Benson
06 - Chapters 14-16 24:30 Read by Phil Benson
07 - Chapters 17-19 27:15 Read by Phil Benson
08 - Chapters 20-22 25:30 Read by Phil Benson
09 - Chapters 23-25 28:16 Read by Phil Benson
10 - Chapters 26-27 25:37 Read by Phil Benson
11 - Chapters 28-30 34:46 Read by Phil Benson
12 - Chapters 31-33 22:15 Read by Phil Benson
13 - Chapters 34-36 23:06 Read by Phil Benson
14 - Chapters 37-39 14:42 Read by Phil Benson
15 - Chapters 40-41 24:08 Read by Phil Benson
16 - Chapters 42-43 24:24 Read by Phil Benson
17 - Chapters 44-45 23:27 Read by Phil Benson
18 - Chapters 46-47 28:52 Read by Phil Benson
19 - Chapters 48-50 21:52 Read by Phil Benson



(5 stars)

I have listened to this telling several times, & each time is brings great joy. The combination of local history, folk etymologies, & late 19th century descriptions are only enhanced by walking through the locations listed on Google Maps. Thank you so much for this gift to all lovers of literature & for keeping alive the antiquarianly delightful piece.


(5 stars)

A fascinating tale of the harsh life of settlers who wanted a peaceful existence, land to farm and a family to love and keep safe. Beautifully written and well narrated. Loved it. Read 2018

Very good.

(3 stars)

it is definitely worth the time if you are interested in medieval stories. it drags in places, but it is worth driving through.

I liked it until

(3 stars)

I liked it till about the middle of the book where it was starting to get tedious

(5 stars)

a good old fashioned tale with a bit of everything in it.

(5 stars)

Great reading! Please read Hereward, the Wake, too!

where is the movie!

(5 stars)

Amazing story!