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(4.2 stars; 80 reviews)

This is an exquisite and heartbreaking love story. Violet Tempest and Roderick Vawdrey, otherwise known to each other as Vixen and Rorie, are childhood sweethearts. However, Rorie's family wants him to marry elsewhere. You may think it is the old story all over again, but nothing in this novel is what it seems. It is far too realistic for that. Many books talk about falling in love. This book starts after that stage, and speaks about the harder stage of a relationship: loving earnestly but understanding that love - even in the truest and purest sense - is not everything in life. There are duties to fulfill, and they might have nothing to do with love. Family life plays a large role in this novel, and it is not always warm and good. Many of the characters are strong and complicated. The novel has some feminist ideas, but they have boundaries, and are presented side by side with the conventional ideas of the times. But the signs of change are there... loud and clear. (Summary by Stav Nisser) (18 hr 38 min)


01 - Volume 1, Chapter 1: A Pretty Horsebreaker 41:08 Read by CaprishaPage
02 - Volume 1, Chapter 2: Lady Jane Vawdrey 23:05 Read by CaprishaPage
03 - Volume 1, Chapter 3: I Want a Serious Talk With You 14:33 Read by CaprishaPage
04 - Volume 1, Chapter 4: Rorie Comes of Age 40:12 Read by CaprishaPage
05 - Volume 1, Chapter 5: Rorie Makes a Speech 14:11 Read by CaprishaPage
06 - Volume 1, Chapter 6: How She Took the News 13:45 Read by CaprishaPage
07 - Volume 1, Chapter 7: Rorie Has Plans of His Own 11:14 Read by CaprishaPage
08 - Volume 1, Chapter 8: Glas ist der Erde Stolz und Glück 20:33 Read by Annette McGuinness
09 - Volume 1, Chapter 9: A House of Mourning 17:39 Read by Annette McGuinness
10 - Volume 1, Chapter 10: Captain Winstanley 16:31 Read by Patti Cunningham
11 - Volume 1, Chapter 11: It Shall Be Measure for Measure 16:01 Read by Patti Cunningham
12 - Volume 1, Chapter 12: I have no Wrong, where I can claim no Right 40:25 Read by bala
13 - Volume 1, Chapter 13: He belongs to the Tame-Cat Species 24:05 Read by Renate
14 - Volume 1, Chapter 14: He was worthy to be loved a Lifetime 16:06 Read by Renate
15 - Volume 1, Chapter 15: Lady Southminster's Ball 22:44 Read by Rosie
16 - Volume 1, Chapter 16: Rorie Asks a Question 21:12 Read by Rosie
17 - Volume 1, Chapter 17: Where the Red King was slain 36:09 Read by Patti Cunningham
18 - Volume 2, Chapter 1: Shall I tell you the Secret? 20:46 Read by UnaVersal
19 - Volume 2, Chapter 2: Wedding Garments 32:32 Read by UnaVersal
20 - Volume 2, Chapter 3: I shall look like the wicked Fairy 27:30 Read by UnaVersal
21 - Volume 2, Chapter 4: The Vow is Vowed 11:32 Read by UnaVersal
22 - Volume 2, Chapter 5: War to the Knife 18:37 Read by UnaVersal
23 - Volume 2, Chapter 6: At the Kennels 21:33 Read by UnaVersal
24 - Volume 2, Chapter 7: A Bad Begining 20:50 Read by UnaVersal
25 - Volume 2, Chapter 8: On Half Rations 24:44 Read by UnaVersal
26 - Volume 2, Chapter 9: The Owner of Bullfinch 24:57 Read by UnaVersal
27 - Volume 2, Chapter 10: Something Like A Ride 16:34 Read by UnaVersal
28 - Volume 2, Chapter 11: Rorie Objects to Duets 38:43 Read by Michele Eaton
29 - Volume 2, Chapter 12: Faided in Music 18:09 Read by Michele Eaton
30 - Volume 2, Chapter 13: Crying For the Moon 23:53 Read by Michele Eaton
31 - Volume 2, Chapter 14: Kurz ist der Schmerz und ewig ist die Freude 15:30 Read by kandice stehlik
32 - Volume 2, Chapter 15: A Midsummer Night's Dream 1:05:30 Read by kandice stehlik
33 - Volume 2, Chapter 16: That Must End at Once 8:28 Read by kandice stehlik
34 - Volume 3, Chapter 1: Going into Exile 39:44 Read by kandice stehlik
35 - Volume 3, Chapter 1, Part 2 48:01 Read by kandice stehlik
36 - Volume 3, Chapter 2: Chiefly Financial 28:02 Read by kandice stehlik
37 - Volume 3, Chapter 3: With Weary Days Thou Shalt be Clothed and Fed 15:48 Read by kandice stehlik
38 - Volume 3, Chapter 4: Love and Aesthetics 28:10 Read by kandice stehlik
39 - Volume 3, Chapter 5: Crumpled Rose-Leaves 7:12 Read by Hannah John
40 - Volume 3, Chapter 6: A Fool's Paradise 15:04 Read by kandice stehlik
41 - Volume 3, Chapter 7: It Might Have Been 28:16 Read by kandice stehlik
42 - Volume 3, Chapter 8: Wedding Bells 31:08 Read by kandice stehlik
43 - Volume 3, Chapter 9: The Rest Way to Norway 44:22 Read by kandice stehlik
44 - Volume 3, Chapter 9, Part 2 17:39 Read by kandice stehlik
45 - Volume 3, Chapter 10: All the Rivers Run Into the Sea 12:18 Read by kandice stehlik
46 - Volume 3, Chapter 11: The Bluebeard Chamber 12:45 Read by kandice stehlik
47 - Volume 3, Chapter 12: Epilogue 10:26 Read by kandice stehlik


could have been so much better.

(1 stars)

this could have been a great audio book. however I had to skip chapters 9-12 because the readers were so horrible I couldn't stand to listen. the guy who read chapters 9-10 read so slowly I could only endure a few minutes of the torture. English is not his first language. I had thought chapters 7-8 was read badly by a nasal sounding woman but it only got worse. I will have to read the book myself do I can find out what happens. I'm glad all books are not read so horribly. save yourself the torture and read the book yourself.

Ugh These readers...please quit

(0.5 stars)

Kandice is annoying sounds like a nasal robot. Bala has a very thick Indian accent. This book is really good but horrible readers ought to know that they are terrible and they really can ruin a book. I agree Elizabeth Klett should read this whole book. Also for some reason the worst readers always read the most... PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY...STOP READING FOR OTHER PEOPLE!!!!

Big T

(0.5 stars)

Too bad,yes its volunteers but they should realize they can't be understood. Are they reading for practice?

poor reading

(1 stars)

Ugh!!! We need a version 2 with Elizabeth Klett reading it! It's so upsetting because it is such a wonderful story. Only two readers were decent enough to hold my interest. I'm on my last reader who pretty much finishes this story and trying my best to pretend she is not reading it like a ROBOT!!!

56yy55uuy teehee weSD TRY ES9SSSMore vexing than vixenish

(5 stars)

Th8529102270077901 Sp 06507539AA 4eae story is rather predictable and tame, so narration plays a large part in enjoying this book. Some of the readers were talented, but understanding what you're actually reading and pronouncing words correctly is quite important to the listener's experience.

Great book. poor reading

(3.5 stars)

I concur with the others most of the readers made it hard to get through. but the book itself is great and worth 5 stars. Elizabeth klett should read every book. she is ny favorite although there other good readers like Karen savage etc.

omg the read is torture.

(2 stars)

The readers keep changing and the accents get thicker. I am listening to an Indian man now and I'm considering throwing in the towel. Too bad. It seems like a good book. I wish I had warning about so many readers.

oh no

(4 stars)

a wonderful story, but if I heard Candace mispronounce " invalid" (e) one more time .. . such a labor of love by these volunteers...but why not 1) slow down your reading, and 2) look up words for their pronunciation. please...