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Nicolai (anglicised Nicholas in this translation) Ivanov, a middle-aged public servant, is unhappy. His wife Anna, disinherited by her family after converting from Judaism, is dying of tuberculosis. He is deeply in debt. And his best friend’s daughter is infatuated with him. Comedy and tragedy ensue in truly Chekhovian fashion. An example of the young Chekhov’s maturing style, Ivanov is an early harbinger of themes that would recur throughout his work. (Summary by mb)

Nicholas Ivanov: mb
Anna: Elizabeth Klett
Matthew Shabelski: Algy Pug
Paul Lebediev: Cliff Thompson
Zinaida: Grace Garrett
Sasha: Arielle Lipshaw
Lvov: Availle
Martha Babakina: Julia Niedermaier
Kosich: Kristingj
Michael Borkin: Bruce Pirie
Avdotia Nazarovna: Caprisha Page
George: Charlotte Duckett
First Guest: Miss Avarice
Second Guest: Libby Gohn
Third Guest: Aidan Brack
Narrator: Ernst Pattynama

Audio edited by mb and Elizabeth Klett (2 hr 31 min)


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(5 stars)

maybe my favorite Chekhov play. was like "omg that's me"