Short Science Fiction Collection 047

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.4 stars; 69 reviews)

This is a collection of science fiction short stories. (6 hr 21 min)


2 B R 0 2 B 16:59 Read by Astrid Fingerhut
The Ambulance Made Two Trips 42:00 Read by Neil Mussett
Blind Man's World 5:00 Read by Andy Sames
Cum Grano Salis 45:00 Read by Andy Sames
Earthmen Bearing Gifts 4:18 Read by John Costello
Egocentric Orbit 7:04 Read by Pamela Krantz
The Eyes Have It 5:55 Read by jo gordon
Keep Out 42:57 Read by John Costello
I'll Kill You Tomorrow 15:11 Read by Carmen Stewart
Longevity 7:22 Read by Pamela Krantz
Missing Link 11:18 Read by Kevin Green
Native Son 53:28 Read by Ratandeep Singh
No Pets Allowed 38:25 Read by Aurora Seemore
The One and the Many 42:00 Read by Bill Bradley
One Man's Poison 10:26 Read by Pete Milan
The Power and the Glory 10:14 Read by Harry Chesley
It's a Small Solar System 16:58 Read by Britannia
Of Time and Texas 9:17 Read by spiralofhope
Two Timer 15:40 Read by John Costello
The Aggravation of Elmer 14:06 Read by Justin Daniels