Marie Antoinette and the Downfall of Royalty

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(3.6 stars; 5 reviews)

"Paris in 1792 is no longer what it was in 1789. In 1789, the old French society was still brilliant. The past endured beside the present. Neither names nor escutcheons, neither liveries nor places at court, had been suppressed. The aristocracy and the Revolution lived face to face. In 1792, the scene has changed."

France was now on the verge of the Reign of Terror (la Terreur), the violent years following the Revolution, and this book chronicles the terrible period of French history which culminated in the proclamation: "Royalty is abolished in France. All public acts will be dated from the first year of the Republic. The seal of State will be inscribed with this motto: Republique française." (Summary by Ruth Golding, with quotations from the book itself) (11 hr 9 min)


01 – Paris at the Beginning of 1792 19:10 Read by Libby Gohn
02 – Count de Fersen’s Last Journey to Paris 16:52 Read by Monika Rolley
03 – The Death of the Emperor Leopold 15:49 Read by Monika Rolley
04 – The Death of Gustavus III 21:16 Read by bala
05 – The Beginnings of Madame Roland 27:55 Read by Jules Hawryluk
06 – Madame Roland’s Entrance on the Scene 26:39 Read by Lucretia B.
07 – Marie Antoinette and Madame Roland 23:02 Read by Monika Rolley
08 – Madame Roland at the Ministry of the Interior 16:12 Read by Monika Rolley
09 - Dumouriez, Minister Of Foreign Affairs 17:45 Read by Jules Hawryluk
10 – The Council of Ministers 13:36 Read by Jules Hawryluk
11 – The Fête of the Swiss Of Chateauvieux 30:08 Read by Jules Hawryluk
12 - The Declaration of War 21:24 Read by Jules Hawryluk
13 - The Disbanding Of The Constitutional Guard 19:33 Read by Jules Hawryluk
14 - The Sufferings of Louis XVI 16:31 Read by bala
15 - Roland's Dismissal from Office 15:34 Read by Jules Hawryluk
16 - A Three Days' Ministry 19:02 Read by Jules Hawryluk
17 - The Prologue to June Twentieth 18:30 Read by Jules Hawryluk
18 - The Morning of June Twentieth 22:37 Read by Jules Hawryluk
19 - The Invasion of the Tuileries 23:25 Read by Jules Hawryluk
20 - Marie Antoinette on June Twentieth 16:13 Read by Jules Hawryluk
21 - The Morrow of June Twentieth 17:58 Read by Jules Hawryluk
22 - Lafayette in Paris 19:08 Read by Jules Hawryluk
23 - The Lamourette Kiss 15:29 Read by Joy Suzanne Grazer
24 - The Féte of the Federation In 1792 20:25 Read by bala
25 - The Last Days at the Tuileries 11:27 Read by Chiquito Crasto
26 - The Prologue to the Tenth of August 11:34 Read by Chiquito Crasto
27 - The Night of August Ninth to Tenth 11:58 Read by Chiquito Crasto
28 - The Morning of August Tenth 20:12 Read by Chiquito Crasto
29 - The Box of the Logograph 10:26 Read by Chiquito Crasto
30 - The Combat 15:10 Read by Chiquito Crasto
31 - The Results of the Combat 19:02 Read by Chiquito Crasto
32 - The Royal-Family in the Convent of the Feuillants 11:21 Read by Chiquito Crasto
33 - The Temple 19:24 Read by Chiquito Crasto
34 - The Princess de Lamballe's Murder 12:58 Read by Chiquito Crasto
35 - The September Massacres 17:54 Read by Chiquito Crasto
36 - Madame Roland during the Massacres 16:48 Read by Chiquito Crasto
37 - The Proclamation of the Republic 16:46 Read by Chiquito Crasto


Worth a listening

(3 stars)

The book though brilliant, has a difficult style. Sometimes poetic, sometimes quite dry. The end has gruesome chapters. I liked very much to see the side that was showing a royal perspective. I could suddenly sympathize with Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Fearing for their kids and lives. I felt very sorry for Louis XVII, the little boy. what had the children done to anyone? Losing everything and many loved ones. The terrible waste of the senselessly sacrificed Swiss Guards and many more.How few the apparently payed real culprits of the massacres were is a meaningful aspect. Some of the readers were a bit difficult to understand. Especially the last reader was good though.