In the Sweet Dry and Dry

Read by Daryl Wor

(4.1 stars; 8 reviews)

Written just before Prohibition to entail the possible troubles that might happen en route. Both sides of the argument, or battle as the case may be, strike out with various over-top methods like legislating most fruits and vegetables as unsafe or intoxicating large groups with breathable alcohol. (Summary by Daryl Wor) (2 hr 54 min)


00 - Dedication & Foreward 1:17 Read by Daryl Wor
01 - The Mystery of the Unexpected Julep 9:39 Read by Daryl Wor
02 - The House on Caraway Street 22:12 Read by Daryl Wor
03 - Incident of the Gooseberry Bombs 15:14 Read by Daryl Wor
04 - The Great War Begins 18:09 Read by Daryl Wor
05 - The Treachery of Miss Chuff 19:59 Read by Daryl Wor
06 - Departed Spirits 18:45 Read by Daryl Wor
07 - The Decanterbury Pilgrims 16:49 Read by Daryl Wor
08 - With Benefit of Clergy 12:57 Read by Daryl Wor
09 - The Election 16:28 Read by Daryl Wor
10 - E Pluribus Unum! 18:05 Read by Daryl Wor
11 - It's a Long Worm That Has No Turning 5:10 Read by Daryl Wor


Fantastical, Surreal, and Fun!

(4 stars)

Written on the eve of Prohibition, this crazy, over-the-top story imagines what life will be like in a couple years, when the "anti-everything" people have power. First, it's alcohol. Then, it's... Well, listen to the story and find out! Listen carefully for all the puns and alcoholic references sprinkled throughout. Well read by Daryl Wor (a female).

Ms.Wor's reading pitch perfect

(5 stars)

She's got the proper sarcasm she can drip at will. I'm envious but cannot deny her talent! Thanks for your hard work! I love LibriVox!!

(4 stars)

2019 this is still relevant. Liberal leaning political views wanting to eliminate and regulate!