The Adventures of Buffalo Bill

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(4.4 stars; 35 reviews)

Buffalo Bill was arguably, the most recognized man in the world when he penned this book. The first four stories are of some of his adventures and the remaining 6 are autobiographical. All of them have been proved to be historically accurate in all important aspects. From his service as chief scout for the 3rd Cavalry during the plains wars, to his pony express service and finally the story of how he got his nickname "Buffalo Bill", everything is larger than life. Killing 4,280 buffalo in 18 months for the railroad workers was an amazing feat. Follow along as he tells of his Indian campaigns and then his world famous "Wild West Show" later in life. The foreword gives a brief summary of this man's amazing life. He respected the Indians and urged equal rights for women, something amazing in itself for his time. (Summary by Phil Chenevert) (3 hr 33 min)


00 - Foreword: His life 12:11 Read by Phil Chenevert
01 - Crossing the Plains 31:49 Read by Marty
02 - Rounding Up Indians 22:03 Read by Jewel Raquel
03 - Pursuing the Sioux 31:10 Read by David Wales
04 - My Duel with Yellow Hand 30:21 Read by David Biro
05 - The Little Boy of the Prairie 19:14 Read by Marty
06 - Little Bill at School and at the Traps 17:46 Read by Tonya Ross
07 - The Pony Express Rider 20:18 Read by Mike Nelson
08 - “Bill Cody, the Scout” 10:58 Read by Bill Mosley
09 - The Indian Campaigns with the Army 10:28 Read by Mike Pelton
10 - Buffalo Bill and His Show 6:52 Read by Mike Pelton


(3.5 stars)

This Was Enjoyable. The context seemed disjointed. I will applaud the efforts of the readers great work. for me it adds flavor to the text. Thank you


(4 stars)

It was an interesting read, but most of it was just a re-hash from "The Life Of Honorable William Cody"