Hellhounds of the Cosmos

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.1 stars; 259 reviews)

From Astounding Stories of 1932. Earth is being attacked by horrible black monsters that appear from nowhere and destroy and kill everything and everyone in their paths. Nothing affects them, nothing stops them; they are impervious to all weapons. Earth is doomed. But there is one hope and it rests on the shoulders of 98 brave men. Can they do it? can they find a way of retaliating? Listen and find out. (1 hr 8 min)


1 - Part 1 16:04 Read by Phil Chenevert
2 - Part 2 16:06 Read by Phil Chenevert
3 - Part 3 20:34 Read by Phil Chenevert
4 - Part 4 15:42 Read by Phil Chenevert


Monsters from the next Dimension

(3.5 stars)

Well read story. so, why do the monsters attack when their own dimension has what they need?


(5 stars)

Interesting dimensional story read by one of our great readers Phil. wWas not disappointed.

good reader, daft story

(3 stars)

Not Simak at his best. The story has no internal logic.

Oh wow

(4 stars)

A scientist figures out how to combat the hellhounds, dark creatures that are attacking the Earth and seem unstoppable. He sends people to fight them in the fourth dimension. In this fourth dimension, we learn that the war actually started long ago and involves more than just humans. This is an odd story. I found it to be sad as well. I am not sure if I liked it. Phil did his usual excellent job of reading. Thanks Phil! Story - 3 stars Reading - 5 stars Avg 4

Hellhounds of the Cosmos

(5 stars)

2nd time around. Great read, fun and unique fast paced story with a satisfying finale... Recommended:)

Gets better

(4 stars)

The ranting mad scientist is hard to take but then blob monsters fight. Ok by the end.

Old school sci-fi

(3.5 stars)

Classic sci-fi read by the excellent Phil Chenevert.

standard era Sci Fi

(4 stars)

Worth the time. Worth the listen.