Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie

Read by William Tomcho

(4.5 stars; 150 reviews)

This autobiography of Andrew Carnegie is a very well written and interesting history of one of the most wealthy men in the United states. He was born in Scotland in 1835 and emigrated to America in 1848. Among his many accomplishments and philanthropic works, he was an author, having written, besides this autobiography, Triumphant Democracy (1886; rev. ed. 1893), The Gospel of Wealth, a collection of essays (1900), The Empire of Business (1902), and Problems of To-day (1908)]. Although this autobiography was written in 1919, it was published posthumously in 1920. (Summary by William Tomcho) (10 hr 51 min)


Parents and Childhood 32:43 Read by William Tomcho
Dunfermline and America 23:33 Read by William Tomcho
Pittsburgh and Work 23:13 Read by William Tomcho
Colonel Anderson and Books 15:42 Read by William Tomcho
The Telegraph Office 18:59 Read by William Tomcho
Railroad Service 35:09 Read by William Tomcho
Superintendent of the Pennsylvania 27:15 Read by William Tomcho
Civil War Period 27:09 Read by William Tomcho
Bridge-Building 25:48 Read by William Tomcho
The Iron Works 35:06 Read by William Tomcho
New York as Headquarters 30:59 Read by William Tomcho
Business Negotiations 23:58 Read by William Tomcho
The Age of Steel 28:57 Read by William Tomcho
Partners, Books, and Travel 21:07 Read by William Tomcho
Coaching Trip and Marriage 16:22 Read by William Tomcho
Mills and the Men 15:14 Read by William Tomcho
The Homestead Strike 20:36 Read by William Tomcho
Problems of Labor 25:17 Read by William Tomcho
The "Gospel of Wealth" 21:49 Read by William Tomcho
Educational and Pension Funds 24:34 Read by William Tomcho
The Peace Palace and Pittencrieff 27:12 Read by William Tomcho
Matthew Arnold and Others 19:51 Read by William Tomcho
British Political Leaders 15:31 Read by William Tomcho
Gladstone and Morley 25:31 Read by William Tomcho
Herbert Spencer and His Disciple 14:01 Read by William Tomcho
Blaine and Harrison 15:34 Read by William Tomcho
Washington Diplomacy 14:01 Read by William Tomcho
Hay and McKinley 15:07 Read by William Tomcho
Meeting the German Emperor 11:17 Read by William Tomcho


(5 stars)

AC offers a clear vision of why there is no need for heaven on the sky, but rather seek and challenge your self for that heaven within. Listen to AC describe how treating people with fairness and sincerely over the long term wins out. Listen how greed, no matter what the century always has the same outcomes. Listen to how AC subtly eludes to how easily our environment was cast aside for more than 100 years... "1800's ..We found the slag could be tossed over the river banks" to the (post mortem) Denora pollution deaths of 1948... Such relevance to today's world and a wonderful invitation to the Guilded Age, although it is not actually described. Listen to how his boyhood set the stage for his direct connections to presidents and kings in late life. Know that my view of Andrew Carnegie was and forever changed.

Great narrator

(3.5 stars)

Great voice actor and enjoyable story. One thing. I felt the story lacked the hardship and tension to make it inspiring. It felt like everything AC did went perfectly, or even the few mess ups were so quickly overturned for the better it didn't even have time to process to the reader that anything bad happened in the first place. Not that I wish he experienced worse things, just his hardships could have had a bit more of an emotional tug to make the story inspirational. This is why we read the lives of great men and women in the first place, to feel inspired and to learn...

A Great Role Model

(4 stars)

Great novel about a truly interesting life. A good mix of personal and professional stories. The reader did a fine job.


(5 stars)

My favorite part was when he learned the income of professors by comparison to industry!

A great look into the world of one of the greatest men.

(4.5 stars)

An Interesting Autobiography

(4 stars)

Andrew Carnegie led an interesting life, and I enjoyed hearing his opinions and beliefs. I must say, though, I most enjoyed the chapters about his childhood. After that, it seemed that fortune was periodically handed to him on a plate. For about 35 years he keeps earning money until he realizes he has an excess of wealth, which is when he begins to hand out libraries and money. Mr. Tomcho is a nice reader and the quality of the book overall was good.

A Great American

(5 stars)

As a resident of the Cleveland area I have been aware of Andrew Carnegie, from the street that bears his name to the steel mills on the banks of the Cuyahoga river. I myself am a truck driver who has hauled many thousands of pounds of steel from the mills. The wonderful reading of this autobiography by William Tomcho gives a insight into the life of a great American.

(5 stars)

Outstanding individual! Hey book I learned much from. I felt like Andrew Carnegie was reading me his own story, the reader did an exceptional job! Highly recommend this book to everyone. Truly teaches us how to treat our fellow man and work hard and get ahead in this country. Values and morals are still well and I live in America.