Waifs and Strays

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(4.5 stars; 9 reviews)

These 12 O. Henry stories all deal with waifs and strays in one way or another; people who have somehow become adrift in the current of life. Will they find their way on their own or be helped by kind hearted folk or perhaps, stay a waif and stray, somehow outside the normal life of society? All naturally have the wonderful O. Henry beautiful way with words and people. So if you are in the mood to enjoy some sensuous sounds and convoluted flowing phrases unique to William Sydney Porter, give these a listen. And of course the endings cannot ever be predicted. Ever! (Summary by Phil Chenevert) (3 hr 22 min)


01 - The Red Roses of Tonia 22:58 Read by Bellona Times
02 - Round The Circle 12:34 Read by Leslie Walden
03 - The Rubber Plant's Story 9:42 Read by Snapdragon
04 - Out of Nazareth 30:28 Read by Maryanka
05 - Confessions of a Humorist 22:34 Read by Leslie Walden
06 - The Sparrows in Madison Square 8:40 Read by daphnis
07 - Hearts and Hands 5:41 Read by MACase
08 - The Cactus 9:44 Read by Sam Naishtat
09 - The Detective Detector 11:11 Read by Zloot
10 - The Dog and the Playlet 9:24 Read by A. J. Carroll
11 - A Little Talk About Mobs 7:14 Read by Deon Gines
12 - The Snow Man 52:35 Read by Cynthia Moyer