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(4.6 stars; 83 reviews)

Anarchy explained by the anarchist Errico Malatesta. (Summary by Vineshen Pillay) (1 hr 46 min)


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(4.5 stars)

Government seems to be the true system of disorder....this book rings so true even more now. The people have been asleep at the wheel and the common public has been fooled by government.

(5 stars)

That was really well done. I’m going to listen to it again and read along with the text. Highly recommend to anyone looking into leftist thought and principals

Well read version of a true classic

(5 stars)

Errico Malatesta is one of the most overlooked anarchists of the 19th and 20th centuries. A true classic and well read.

Comprehensive, Concise, Classic

(5 stars)

One of the most well written, crisp and clear works of anarchist literature written among its most notable authors in history.

(5 stars)

Excellent clear reading and the content is a nice primer to Anarchism.

(5 stars)

Inspiring sentiment, relayed by a very good reader!

(4.5 stars)

Good reading, an accent but well understood

A must listen

(5 stars)

This book could have been written yesterday. My only point of contention is the call for revolution. All one needs to do is remove government from their life as an individual. Once a critical mass has been reached the government will fall under its own weight as the support slowly crumbles.