Short Story Collection Vol. 055

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.5 stars; 10 reviews)

LibriVox’s Short Story Collection 055: a collection of 20 short works of fiction in the public domain read by a group of LibriVox members, including stories by J. M. Barrie, O. Henry, Jerome, Joyce, London, Saki, R. L. Stevenson, Trollope, Wilde and Wodehouse. (6 hr 27 min)


Tale of Sinuhe 29:42 Read by Arnie Horton
Filboid Studge 8:21 Read by Bellona Times
The Sphinx Without a Secret 12:22 Read by Rob Marland
A Holiday in Bed 15:14 Read by Rachael Nowotny
The Man who Would Manage 17:38 Read by Ruth Golding
An Encounter 19:44 Read by Brendan MacKenzie
Tony's Wife 15:23 Read by Bellona Times
That Spot 24:09 Read by Lynne T
The Dumb Man 4:45 Read by Tom Merritt
From the Teeth of the Tide 20:17 Read by Jule
The Garden of Memories 15:02 Read by Lars Rolander (1942-2016)
A Lodging For The Night 44:49 Read by Lynne T
The Magic Shadow 10:53 Read by Lars Rolander (1942-2016)
The Gentle Euphemia 23:18 Read by Arnold
Love in a Cottage 11:26 Read by Lars Rolander (1942-2016)
The Clicking of Cuthbert 35:10 Read by Ratandeep Singh
The Opening of the Will 18:12 Read by Rachael Nowotny
While the Auto Waits 11:45 Read by Antony Brown
Idyl Of London 33:00 Read by Lynne T
A Walk up the Avenue 16:05 Read by Lars Rolander (1942-2016)



(5 stars)

thanks for the companionship THANK YOU i thank GOD for all the money you saved me 😅 HALLELUJAH keep safe and keep going despite huge loans when you’re afraid 😱 trust GOD

TheManWhoWouldManage by JeromeK.Jerome, read by RuthGolding

(5 stars)

when I looked through the list of contents and spotted the authors name, then saw the readers name, I knew I had to hear it!!! I've only just discovered Jerome K. Jerome, and I think his writing has a punchy kind of humor. A little dash of dark comedy with a a heap of human follies and foibles. And Ruth Golding is such a fantastic reader!! To my American ears, she sounds quite a bit like Dame Judi Dench.