Cranford (version 2)

Read by NoelBadrian

(4.7 stars; 93 reviews)

Cranford is set in a small market town populated largely by a number of respectable ladies. It tells of their secrets and foibles, their gossip and their romances as they face the challenges of dealing with new inhabitants to their society and innovations to their settled existence. It was first published between 1851 and 1853 as episodes in Charles Dickens’ Journal Household Words. Appended to this recording is a short sequel, The Cage at Cranford, written ten years later and published in the journal All the Year Round. In a letter to Mrs. Gaskell, Charlotte Bronte wrote: “Thank you for your letter, it was as pleasant as a quiet chat, as welcome as spring showers, as reviving as a friend’s visit; in short, it was very like a page of Cranford.”... Cranford is a genteel and humorous look at Victorian society by Elizabeth Gaskell, and is quite a change from her more gritty novels like Mary Barton or North and South. (Summary by Noel Badrian) (8 hr 54 min)


Preface 36:25 Read by NoelBadrian
Chapter 1 - Our Society 26:08 Read by NoelBadrian
Chapter 2 - The Captain 36:11 Read by NoelBadrian
Chapter 3 - A Love Affair of Long Ago 22:30 Read by NoelBadrian
Chapter 4 - Visit to an Old Bachelor 27:22 Read by NoelBadrian
Chapter 5 - Old Letters 27:45 Read by NoelBadrian
Chapter 6 - Poor Peter 29:44 Read by NoelBadrian
Chapter 7 - Visiting 25:15 Read by NoelBadrian
Chapter 8 - Your Ladyship 32:37 Read by NoelBadrian
Chapter 9 - Signor Brunoni 24:56 Read by NoelBadrian
Chapter 10 - The Panic 35:10 Read by NoelBadrian
Chapter 11 - Samuel Brown 28:43 Read by NoelBadrian
Chapter 12 - Engaged to Be Married 21:06 Read by NoelBadrian
Chapter 13 - Stopped Payment 30:21 Read by NoelBadrian
Chapter 14 - Friends in Need 45:51 Read by NoelBadrian
Chapter 15 - A Happy Return 34:02 Read by NoelBadrian
Chapter 16 - Peace to Cranford 20:37 Read by NoelBadrian
The Cage at Cranford 30:13 Read by NoelBadrian


Charming Classic, Charmingly Read 👍

(5 stars)

💙There are currently two versions (readings) of Cranford. The first version is well read at a lively, "conversational" pace by Sibella Denton in just 6 hours 6 minutes, and is only the original book. This second version adds a 30 minute bonus of the follow-up short-story called The Cage at Cranford, bringing Noel Badrian's clear, mellow reading to nearly 9 hours (8hr 54min). I find Noel's whimsical, calming version -- which nicely compliments the atmosphere of the stories -- perfect for lulling me to sleep night after night. 💤😉

Five stars

(5 stars)

This is such a lovely book - funny, nostalgic, sad and comforting. It really is timeless. The reader is wonderful; his tone is mellow and the pace relaxed, which suits the tone of the story perfectly. (Note that the main character is female, though the reader is male.) I became so engaged with the characters and enjoyed listening so much that I was really disappointed to finish it. Highly recommended! :)

Wonderfully entertaining

(5 stars)

I was not familiar with this book or author, but I am so glad I tried it. It is a wonderful account of life in an English town. By the end, I felt like the characters were old friends. Noel Badrian is an excellent reader and gave this book the perfect tone and character.

Beautiful book, brilliantly read

(5 stars)

Noel Badrian and Elizabeth Gaskell are a dream team in this reading of Cranford. All the charm and subtlety of the novel are in this reading. One of the best on Librivox.

Beautifully read

(5 stars)

I doubt that I would have had patience to read Cranford, but listening to it read by Noel Badrian beguiled away many pleasurable hours as I walked around my neighbourhood. Thank you Noel!

(5 stars)

Very much enjoyed the author’s subtle wit. The characters are very well drawn. At times the book is a little wordy but nevertheless, it is well worthwhile.

one of my favourite books

(5 stars)

The reader is so good!! Plus there is an extra chapter. I love this version best.

Cranford vers. 2

(5 stars)

wonderful reader! I imagine the cast of this favorite TV adaptation as I listen.