Hidden Treasures

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"Some succeed while others fail. This is a recognized fact; yet history tells us that seven-tenths of our most successful men began life poor." A selection of mini-biographies teaches us how some successful men have overcome odds to make their mark on history. (Summary by Lynne Thompson; quote from Introduction) (16 hr 38 min)


Preface, Introduction, Quotations 7:13 Read by Lynne T
Daniel Drew 5:52 Read by Lynne T
Russell Sage 4:07 Read by Lynne T
Cornelius Vanderbilt 9:36 Read by Lynne T
Amos Lawrence 10:25 Read by TriciaG
Horace B. Claflin 3:31 Read by TriciaG
William E. Dodge 3:59 Read by Greg Giordano
Jay Gould 14:45 Read by Mike Pelton
John Wannamaker 4:22 Read by Mike Pelton
Alexander T. Stewart 8:03 Read by Mike Pelton
Nicholas Longworth 4:40 Read by Mike Pelton
Robert Bonner 4:46 Read by Deon Gines
William G. Fargo 3:08 Read by Deon Gines
James C. Flood 5:20 Read by Deon Gines
John W. MacKay 5:05 Read by Deon Gines
James C. Fair 11:55 Read by shawnzhu
Horace Greeley 16:02 Read by Chessie Joy
Thurlow Weed 7:02 Read by Chessie Joy
George W. Childs 10:47 Read by Mike Pelton
James Gordon Bennett 7:59 Read by Mike Pelton
Phineas T. Barnum 4:15 Read by Greg Giordano
Matthew Vassar 3:28 Read by Mike Pelton
John Jacob Astor 4:40 Read by Tom Merritt
Potter Palmer 4:04 Read by Tom Merritt
James Harper 7:55 Read by Tom Merritt
Henry Disston 3:38 Read by Tom Merritt
Peter Cooper 8:29 Read by Deon Gines
George Law 3:39 Read by Deon Gines
Darius O. Mills 4:41 Read by Deon Gines
Stephen Girard 8:53 Read by Lynne T
Moses Taylor 3:45 Read by Deon Gines
William C. Ralston 6:59 Read by Deon Gines
George Peabody 7:01 Read by Deon Gines
William W. Corcoran 5:11 Read by Deon Gines
Nathan Mayer Rothschild 10:03 Read by Deon Gines
John Adams, Part 1 36:33 Read by Lynne T
John Adams, Part 2 42:02 Read by Arnie Horton
Thomas Jefferson 14:40 Read by Tom Merritt
John Marshall 7:50 Read by Lynne T
Alexander Hamilton 8:22 Read by Greg Giordano
James Madison 32:03 Read by Mike Pelton
James Monroe 11:49 Read by Greg Giordano
Lewis Cass 4:05 Read by Etel Buss
John C. Calhoun 13:26 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
Robert Y. Hayne 5:06 Read by Etel Buss
Daniel Webster 33:07 Read by Greg Giordano
Andrew Jackson 20:17 Read by Jill Engle
Thomas H. Benton 14:09 Read by Greg Giordano
Henry Clay 10:30 Read by Greg Giordano
Martin Van Buren 8:13 Read by Greg Giordano
Stephen Arnold Douglass 6:42 Read by Tom Merritt
Abbott Lawrence 3:08 Read by Tom Merritt
Alexander H. Stephens 20:34 Read by Tom Merritt
Millard Fillmore 7:07 Read by Etel Buss
William H. Seward 11:21 Read by Tom Merritt
Horatio Seymour 6:57 Read by Greg Giordano
Winfield S. Hancock 7:46 Read by Lynne T
George B. McClellan 4:53 Read by Tom Merritt
Ulysses Simpson Grant 7:51 Read by Jill Engle
Stonewall Jackson 5:29 Read by Tom Merritt
General Robert E. Lee 8:46 Read by Tom Merritt
Henry Wilson 4:55 Read by Etel Buss
Abraham Lincoln 29:54 Read by Jill Engle
Edward Everett 10:06 Read by Tom Merritt
Edwin M. Stanton 11:57 Read by Tom Merritt
Andrew Johnson 8:59 Read by Tom Merritt
James A. Garfield 15:49 Read by Greg Giordano
Chester A. Arthur 8:09 Read by Greg Giordano
John A. Logan 10:32 Read by John Lieder
James G. Blaine, Part 1 27:40 Read by Mike Pelton
James G. Blaine, Part 2 41:43 Read by Mike Pelton
Samuel J. Tilden 13:53 Read by Dan Darbandi
Henry Ward Beecher 23:39 Read by DPranitis
James Watt 12:32 Read by Availle
George Stephenson 15:42 Read by Garth Burton
Benjamin Franklin 12:47 Read by Tom Merritt
Eli Whitney 3:29 Read by Tom Merritt
Robert Fulton 12:54 Read by Greg Giordano
Elias Howe, Jnr. 17:16 Read by Tom Merritt
Isaac M. Singer 5:30 Read by Garth Burton
Richard M. Hoe 7:31 Read by Garth Burton
Charles Goodyear 8:53 Read by Tom Merritt
Professor S.F.B. Morse 10:51 Read by Availle
Cyrus W. Field 11:30 Read by Lynne T
George M. Pullman 7:06 Read by David Olson
Thomas A. Edison 8:52 Read by Availle
Success And Failure 10:43 Read by Availle
Concentration Of Effort 9:10 Read by Availle
Self-Reliance 11:05 Read by Availle
Economy Of Time 7:28 Read by Availle
Causes Of Failure 29:49 Read by Availle