The Pony Rider Boys in the Alkali

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(4.3 stars; 64 reviews)

Yee-Haww! The Pony Rider Boys are on the move again! This time the boys are in the desert of Nevada, discovering the beauty and perils in 100 degree heat. It should be another thrilling ride that Professor Zepplin has taken them on! (Summary by Ann Boulais )

Previous book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys in the Ozarks
Next book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys in New Mexico (5 hr 10 min)


01 - The Desert's Mystic Spell 18:42 Read by Richard Kilmer (1942 - 2022)
02 - The First Night in Camp 20:44 Read by Richard Kilmer (1942 - 2022)
03 - Twisted by a Twister 16:17 Read by Richard Kilmer (1942 - 2022)
04 - The Charge of the Light Brigade 14:39 Read by Richard Kilmer (1942 - 2022)
05 - Stalking Big Game by Moonlight 13:12 Read by Richard Kilmer (1942 - 2022)
06 - Bagged by Lucky Shots 8:13 Read by Kenneth Sergeant Gaghan
07 - Chunky Comes to Grief 11:29 Read by Mark Mickelson
08 - Nearly Drowned in an Alkali Sink 14:57 Read by Mark Mickelson
09 - The Boys Discover a River 9:17 Read by Kenneth Sergeant Gaghan
10 - A Cowboy Takes a Header 9:18 Read by Mark Mickelson
11 - A Piece of Human Sandpaper 10:50 Read by Mark Mickelson
12 - Running Down the Trail 14:18 Read by Kenneth Sergeant Gaghan
13 - Coyotes Join in the Chorus 10:32 Read by Mark Mickelson
14 - Fun in the Foothills 12:08 Read by Mark Mickelson
15 - Bud Promises Some Excitement 8:12 Read by Steve Mattingly
16 - The Battle of the Stallions 13:35 Read by Steve Mattingly
17 - On a Wild-Horse Hunt 17:24 Read by Bill Mosley
18 - Roped by Rough Riders 16:09 Read by Bill Mosley
19 - Winning Their Reward 9:46 Read by Arnie Horton
20 - Visited by a Halo 15:20 Read by Marty
21 - Off on a Dry Trail 8:52 Read by Marty
22 - In the Hermit's Cave 12:44 Read by Marty
23 - Lost in the Desert Maze 8:01 Read by Marty
24 - Conclusion 15:44 Read by Marty


I really enjoyed this story...

(5 stars)

... and I am off to find the rest of the stories in the series. This is a western-style story of a group of young boys who have plenty of cowboy adventures while crossing the desert. They manage to capture some wonderful wild stallions, they give a couple of tough, older cowboys a bit of a licking, all while keep their sense of humor and camaraderie. Regarding the readers - I happen to like RK's reading style. He is easy to follow and has a nice steady cadence. Quality of sound recordings is excellent. The rest of the readers likewise do a very nice job with voices and quality of recordings. All in all, I found the story to be very enjoyable.

I don't think you understand LibriVox at all

(0 stars)

The previous reviewer has no understanding whatsoever of how LibriVox works. There are no managers. We are ALL volunteers. Readers choose what they would like to record. There is no allocation. If you don't like a particular reader, don't listen. Many people do like a plain vanilla reading - you don't, so choose to listen to what you DO like.

it's a good story but way too many readers,.

(3 stars)

(4.5 stars)

As always I really enjoy the readers and all their hard work. Thoroughly enjoyable!

(5 stars)

I really like this Story. Also the Readers are very Good

265 the kids to the bank today

(5 stars)

265 the first time

(3 stars)

nice to see Chunky saving Thad for a change.

pathetic reading

(1 stars)

Who is the idiot that keeps giving Kilmer the high action books?? How long will this go on??? I'll read a books description that sounds so exciting but then I see Kilmer is the reader & it's like, "Oh crap. Forget it." It's like the book is a high performance car, so you expect a good ride, but the reader is just like water has been poored into the gas tank. Kilmer must be some kind of manager in Librovox - how else do you explain high action books CONSISTENTLY being given to possibly the most dull & boring of readers?? PLEASE, get off it!!