The Spiritual Life

Read by Christopher Smith

(4.8 stars; 182 reviews)

In this book, Andrew Murray explores the dynamics of the Christian life as Jesus means it to be lived. He explains how the Holy Spirit is essential to living effectively as a believer. Christians are often all too well aware of the feebleness of their life and testimony. This most encouraging book, consisting of a series of lectures given to students at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago in 1895, shows how the working of the Holy Spirit in the Christian’s life makes all the difference. It shows how God’s power is made perfect in weakness, and how His Holy Spirit may animate and renew every area of the believer’s life. (Summary by Christopher Smith) (7 hr 20 min)


00 - Title Page and Preface 1:43 Read by Christopher Smith
01 - Carnal or Spiritual 22:28 Read by Christopher Smith
02 - The Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus 27:16 Read by Christopher Smith
03 - The Fruit of the Spirit is Love 22:05 Read by Christopher Smith
04 - The Self-life - The Hindrance to the Spiritual Life 30:06 Read by Christopher Smith
05 - The Holy Spirit in Ephesians 26:14 Read by Christopher Smith
06 - Be Filled with the Spirit (1st lecture) 27:50 Read by Christopher Smith
07 - Praying in the Power of the Holy Ghost 24:58 Read by Christopher Smith
08 - The Holy Spirit in Galatians 24:23 Read by Christopher Smith
09 - Be Filled with the Spirit (2nd lecture) 24:40 Read by Christopher Smith
10 - Christ Bringing Us to God 23:27 Read by Christopher Smith
11 - Christ Liveth in Me 29:19 Read by Christopher Smith
12 - The Heavenly Treasure in the Earthen Vessel 26:01 Read by Christopher Smith
13 - Willing and Doing 37:21 Read by Christopher Smith
14 - "Yield Yourselves unto God" 31:42 Read by Christopher Smith
15 - Jesus Able to Keep 36:18 Read by Christopher Smith
16 - The Life of Rest 24:53 Read by Christopher Smith


(5 stars)

A true guide to achieving a successful Christian Life. May the Lord bless in my quest and to all that want to follow Jesus.

(5 stars)

It's very encouraging and I look forward to a wonderful fellowship with the almighty God

Fantastic and Challenging

(5 stars)

An earnest call to surrender all to Jesus. Exceptional audio recording.


(5 stars)

I really enjoyed this book and was deeply moved by it. I haven’t had a book by Andrew Murray I haven’t enjoyed so far. The reader did a good job as well, kinda reminds me of a nature documentary Commentator voice but did a great job

(5 stars)

An excellent book with an added excellent narration. Andrew explains the basics of a Christian walk and all that is involved in the walk. Andrew’s contents makes it easier to savour the main points of the Christian walk by sort of adding a checklist to compare a mature Christian walk with a not so mature walk. Listen to each chapter as Andrew builds on the basics with the last chapter captivating the listener by combining all the evidence of the Christian walk and the blessings that accompany that walk. It takes a few times to listen to digest this Divinely inspired book with each time I listened to it. The directions confirmed I was on the right track of my Christian walk with the evidence confirming my spiritual state. To summarise Andrew Murray knows what he is talking about and his humbleness touched my heart because he doesn’t speak with authority but with abounding love as only a brother can speak

Excellent book

(4.5 stars)

This a great exposure of greatness that God can use a simple man to expound on the writings of scripture. I was so deeply blessed.

Real spiritual food for the soul!

(5 stars)

This is what I need to listen to again and again! Full of spiritual insight! I am enriched by it.

(5 stars)

Incredible thank you with my whole being to all that have made it possible for me to have this read to me wow