Stories of Ships and the Sea

Read by William Tomcho

(4.4 stars; 178 reviews)

5 Exciting short stories by one of Americas best story tellers (Summary by William Tomcho) (1 hr 31 min)


01-Chris Farrington: Able Seaman 18:08 Read by William Tomcho
02-Typhoon Off the Coast of Japan 12:30 Read by William Tomcho
03-The Lost Poacher 22:31 Read by William Tomcho
04-The Banks of the Sacramento 20:20 Read by William Tomcho
05-In Yeddo Bay 17:52 Read by William Tomcho



(3.5 stars)

Amusing stories obviously written before London became so bitter and jaded. I had no problem with the reader.

Good stories, not the voice

(3 stars)

Liked the stories, the bravery. But it was hard to focus because of the voice. Narrator sounded sick.

terrible reader

(2 stars)

Don't bother. impossible to listen to this guy

Simple but interesting yarns

(4 stars)

Reader did well


(4 stars)

Short and pleasant, this is an excellent choice if you want to listen to an audiobook for only a little bit of time. The stories bring out interesting details of "life back then" and the narrator speaks clearly with a nice voice.

(1 stars)

could not bear to listen to the narrator