The Everlasting Righteousness

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... or How Shall Man Be Just with God?

How does salvation work? How does a righteous God declare an unrighteous person to be righteous in His sight? In this comprehensive and devotional study of justification by faith alone in the Person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ, Horatius Bonar answers these questions in a clear and wonderful way. Bonar has been called the prince of Scottish hymn writers. Quoting one of the 600 hymns he wrote, here is "righteous peace securely made" (Summary by Jay Reader)

Additional proof-listening by Kimberly Krause. (5 hr 28 min)



(5 stars)

Horatius Bonars' exposition of the important doctrine of justification is excellent. Also the readers are excellent. Thank you for making this book available. God bless you. George Kwayfaty.