Cape Cod Stories

Read by David Wales

(4.7 stars; 59 reviews)

This book (eleven short stories) was also published under the title of “The Old Home House”. Joseph Crosby Lincoln (1870 – 1944) was an American author of novels, poems, and short stories, many set in a fictionalized Cape Cod. Lincoln's work frequently appeared in popular magazines such as the Saturday Evening Post and The Delineator.... Lincoln claimed that he was satisfied "spinning yarns" that made readers feel good about themselves and their neighbors. Two of his stories have been adapted to film. Lincoln's literary career celebrating "old Cape Cod" can partly be seen as an attempt to return to an Eden from which he had been driven by family tragedy. His literary portrayal of Cape Cod can also be understood as a pre-modern haven occupied by individuals of old Yankee stock which was offered to readers as an antidote to an America that was undergoing rapid modernization, urbanization, immigration, and industrialization.... Lincoln died in 1944, at the age of 73, in Winter Park, Florida. (Summary by Wikipedia and David Wales) (5 hr 47 min)


01 Two Pairs Of Shoes 34:44 Read by David Wales
02 The Count And The Manager 29:05 Read by David Wales
03 The South Shore Weather Bureau 27:22 Read by David Wales
04 The Dog Star 32:12 Read by David Wales
05 The Mare And The Motor 25:15 Read by David Wales
06 The Mark On The Door 37:21 Read by David Wales
07 The Love Of Lobelia 'ankins 29:04 Read by David Wales
08 The Meanness Of Rosy 31:50 Read by David Wales
09 The Antiquers 27:35 Read by David Wales
10 His Native Heath 32:52 Read by David Wales
11 Jonesy 40:06 Read by David Wales


Hilarious stories & excellent reader

(5 stars)

I've lost count of the number of times I've listened to these stories. Partly because it takes a couple of 'listens' to understand what's going on. The writer's phrasing and expressions are hilarious, e.g, "box that fact up in your forget-a-tory" (AND) "that plaster cast in a crazy quilt"!! David Wales' reading makes them even funnier! I don't think they would be as funny if it weren't for David's accents. Kudos to David Wales!

(5 stars)

Lincoln is utterly hilarious as I’ve come to expect, and what a great match to have this particular reader telling the stories so well – great job!! My ancestors are from Cape Cod and it was such an enjoyable couple of weeks listening to the stories bringing the area and the quirky characters (that could just as easily be related to me as anyone of my current relatives) come to life! I’m terribly sad to be done…

(5 stars)

The most humorous book I've indulged in for a long while.

(5 stars)

This books is a great introduction to the wonderful writings of Joseph C. Lincoln. His quirky “down east” humor and clever turn of phrase is both lighthearted and engaging. The reader likewise captures the voice of the text and does an excellent job delivering the story in such a way that it allows the listener to feel immersed in the story. One quirky thing about this book is the placement of chapter one, the story really begins in chapter two and ends in chapter one. It’s a personal preference thing, but I always listen to this book in that order.

Really good except for a few stories in the middle

(5 stars)

Most of it was hilarious. I didn't like "the love of lobelia 'ankins" nor the one that followed it. Too much beating people up and whatnot. The narrator was perfect except I think he had never heard the Cape Cod accent before. I think "wa'n't" should be pronounced so it rhymes with "want" not "pant." But then, I've never heard a New England country accent either. Maybe they do talk that way.

performed not read

(5 stars)

If this reader is not a professional entertainer, he has missed his calling! One of the most enjoyable performances of some humorous stories I have found. Thank you!

need a good laugh?!

(5 stars)

then read this book! It's one you shouldn't miss!! and the reader is perfect for these stories... :)

One of my favorite readers

(3 stars)

some good "yarns"