The Eyes Of The World

Read by Tom Weiss

(4.6 stars; 116 reviews)

The Eyes of the World was the Best Selling Book for 1914 according to Publisher's Weekly. The novel explores what Harold Bell Wright views as the false world of artists, writers, critics, and their wealthy patrons. Two of the main characters are the famous author, Conrad LaGrange and Aaron King, an aspiring artist. LaGrange regretfully describes his writings as “filthy stories in good English” and feels he has sold his soul to become successful. While in California, recovering from a physical breakdown, he befriends Aaron King whose mother he knew when he was a boy. Lagrange serves as counselor to the young man, for he knows the pitfalls of success from his own experience. (Summary by Tom Weiss) (11 hr 33 min)


01 - His Inheritance 13:21 Read by Tom Weiss
02 - The Woman with the Disfigured Face 22:43 Read by Tom Weiss
03 - The Famous Conrad LaGrange 35:12 Read by Tom Weiss
04 - At The House On Fairlands Heights 20:00 Read by Tom Weiss
05 - The Mystery Of The Rose Garden 26:08 Read by Tom Weiss
06 - An Unknown Friend 16:14 Read by Tom Weiss
07 - Mrs. Taine In Quaker Gray 17:32 Read by Tom Weiss
08 The Portrait That Was Not A Portrait 16:07 Read by Tom Weiss
09 - Conrad Lagrange's Adventure 24:54 Read by Tom Weiss
10 - A Cry In The Night 15:37 Read by Tom Weiss
11 - Go Look In Your Mirror, You Fool 16:25 Read by Tom Weiss
12 - First Fruits of His Shame 9:48 Read by Tom Weiss
13 - Myra Willard's Challenge 15:45 Read by Tom Weiss
14 - In The Mountains 25:26 Read by Tom Weiss
15 - The Forest Ranger's Story 20:10 Read by Tom Weiss
16 - When The Canyon Gates Are Shut 16:23 Read by Tom Weiss
17 - Confession In The Spring Glade 14:29 Read by Tom Weiss
18 - Sibyl Andrés and the Butterflies 9:35 Read by Tom Weiss
19 - The Three Gifts and Their Meanings 11:40 Read by Tom Weiss
20 - Myra's Prayer and the Ranger's Warning 13:41 Read by Tom Weiss
21 - The Last Climb 14:04 Read by Tom Weiss
22 - Shadows of Coming Events 10:27 Read by Tom Weiss
23 = Outside the Canyon Gates Again 5:47 Read by Tom Weiss
24 - James Rutlidge Makes a Mistake 18:57 Read by Tom Weiss
25 - On the Pipe-Line Trail 13:21 Read by Tom Weiss
26 - I Want You Just As You Are 16:27 Read by Tom Weiss
27 - The Answer 14:09 Read by Tom Weiss
28 - You're Ruined, My Boy 15:25 Read by Tom Weiss
29 - The Hand Writing on the Wall 30:45 Read by Tom Weiss
30 - In The Same Hour 8:30 Read by Tom Weiss
31 - As The World Sees 19:51 Read by Tom Weiss
32 - They Mysterious Disappearance 19:24 Read by Tom Weiss
33 - Beginning The Search 15:22 Read by Tom Weiss
34 - The Tracks on Granite Peak 14:27 Read by Tom Weiss
35 - A Hard Way 26:23 Read by Tom Weiss
36 - What Should He Do 14:09 Read by Tom Weiss
37 - The Man Was Insane 14:15 Read by Tom Weiss
38 - An Inevitable Conflict 9:14 Read by Tom Weiss
39 - The Better Way 12:17 Read by Tom Weiss
40 - Facing the Truth 19:46 Read by Tom Weiss
41 - Marks of the Beast 8:56 Read by Tom Weiss
42 - Aaron King's Success 10:05 Read by Tom Weiss


great values held forth

(5 stars)

Great story which defines good moral values, polite and respectful society! You want to be a pure person!


(5 stars)

how did I miss this one. adventure, mystery, good over evil, even Godly terminology. what will the neighbors think.? This is how I see so much of the world, especially Hollywood, politics, charities, and so called human rights. so much of it is fake. they have these expensive parties to benefit themselves and not the one they claim its for. socialites get away with murder and disgusting behavior. most of civilization just laughs and think its funny to get away with it.

my favorite book besides the bible

(5 stars)

This seems almost like a personal story, showing the gross ugliness of lust, and contrasting it sharply with the gorgeous beauty of pure, innocent love, and the struggle between them, the effects of them, and perhaps even how to choose between them.

A very fitting title for this story

(5 stars)

This love story will make you consider the motives of your actions before the eyes of the world. Tom doors an excellent job of reading the story, I wish he would record more of Harold Bell Wright's books

(5 stars)

The story didn't force me to experience the snobby side of life much which I appreciate. It focuses more on the artist & the author. It's a drama, a mystery, & a love story with a touch of adventure. Great characters & story.

(5 stars)

Great book. Great reader. Portrays the world as it really is. Only what is done for God will last.

Bravo from Borneo

(5 stars)

This is an excellently crafted novel that explores the age old theme of whether in life it is better to pursue wealth and fame through the compromise of one's ideals and the favour of others or alternatively to pursue aspirations that yeild less wealth, but are in fact born from personal conviction and gained by personal effort and industry. The novel has strong characters that are developed in detail and they are placed in the context of a beautiful mountain environment that is also described in great detail. The lessons propounded through the telling of this tale are as relevant today as they were over a century ago. Again...bravo!!

Careful What You Wish For!

(4 stars)

An artist learns to paint people as they truly are, not as they wish to be seen. A skillful deep-dive showing how the decisions we make, make each one of us. sometimes having 'the eyes of all the world (fame) can lead down a path filled with regret.