Tom Swift and His Wireless Message

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(4.3 stars; 65 reviews)

Tom Swift & friends decide to trial an experimental airship near the New Jersey coast, and are unexpectedly swept out to sea by hurricane winds. Unable to steer or navigate without tearing the airship apart, the hapless crew must simply let the storm take them wherever it will. Unfortunately, the storm proves too much for the craft and Tom makes a crash landing on the uninhabited and crumbling Earthquake Island. (Summary by Wikipedia) (4 hr 18 min)


An Appeal for Aid 12:33 Read by Richard Kilmer
Miss Nestor's News 15:24 Read by Richard Kilmer
Tom Knocks Out Andy 13:55 Read by Richard Kilmer
Mr. Damon Will Go Along 8:22 Read by Richard Kilmer
Vol-Planing To Earth 15:39 Read by Richard Kilmer
The New Airship 10:03 Read by Lynne T
Making Some Changes 7:58 Read by SeanReads
Andy Foger's Revenge 8:25 Read by Aiden Herrera
The Whizzer Flies 13:53 Read by Ric F
Over The Ocean 12:10 Read by rookieblue
A Night Of Terror 11:21 Read by Ric F
A Downward Glide 13:40 Read by Ric F
On Earthquake Island 8:56 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
A Night In Camp 11:34 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
The Other Castaways 7:16 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
An Alarming Theory 8:51 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
A Mighty Shock 7:16 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
Mr. Jenks Has Diamonds 8:55 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
Secret Operations 6:43 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
The Wireless Plant 7:22 Read by Lynne T
Messages Into Space 9:23 Read by Lynne T
Anxious Days 9:14 Read by Jon Kerfoot
A Reply In The Dark 12:09 Read by Jon Kerfoot
"We Are Lost!" 6:44 Read by StephenEmrich
The Rescue-Conclusion 10:43 Read by Ric F



(4 stars)

If you can get pass the fact that there are that least half a dozen readers for this book.And that the voices change nearly every chapter, then you will enjoy this book.

decent story ruined by a cast of mediocre readers.

(1.5 stars)

had I noticed that RicF read more than one chapter, I never would have started this book

(4 stars)

a lot of coincidence. some of the readers are sub par. but a good story

Good good good good

(5 stars)

fs d few hew

Good youth fiction series, mediocre readers

(2 stars)

(0.5 stars)

dreadful narration the reader is dull and monotone with no sense of timing or phrasing I only managed two chapters