The Daughter of the Commandant

Read by Kevin W. Davidson

(4.6 stars; 43 reviews)

"The Daughter of the Commandant" (better known as "The Captain's Daughter") is a historical novel by the Russian writer Alexander Pushkin, and is considered to be his finest prose work. The novel is a romanticized account of Pugachev's Rebellion in 1773-1774.

The 17-year-old Pyotr Andreyich is sent by his father to military service in a remote Russian outpost, where he leans honor and love while being caught up in a violent uprising of tribal groups against the imperial government. (Summary by Wikipedia (alt.) and Kevin Davidson) (3 hr 57 min)


01 Chapter 1 Sergeant of the Guards 19:31 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
02 Chapter 2 The Guide 21:33 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
03 Chapter 3 The Little Fort 13:30 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
04 Chapter 4 The Duel 18:19 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
05 Chapter 5 Love 16:13 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
06 Chapter 6 Pugatchéf 21:45 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
07 Chapter 7 The Assault 14:49 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
08 Chapter 8 The Unexpected Visit 15:17 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
09 Chapter 9 The Parting 10:44 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
10 Chapter 10 The Siege 15:39 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
11 Chapter 11 The Rebel Camp 22:05 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
12 Chapter 12 The Orphan 13:44 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
13 Chapter 13 The Arrest 12:52 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
14 Chapter 14 The Trial 21:46 Read by Kevin W. Davidson


(4 stars)

Good book, great reader, the discovery of the latter being of greater value than discovery of the former. Which makes one wonder how the world is far more familiar with and enamored of Pushkin or even Tolstoy (I except Dostoyevsky Gogol and Chekhov and am surprised and pleased to see an earlier reviewer do the same!) when here on LibriVox we discover so many obscure or now forgotten authors who are easily as strong story tellers and more profound in thought. One realizes what a rich treasure of literature America has; But I do mean to praise and not at all criticize the book as it was good.

(5 stars)

Read Dostoyevsky, Chekhov and Gogol but not Pushkin. Became curious after reading that Pushkin is Putin’s favorite. Thought it good drama and can see why Pushkin is so well liked. It would make a good movie and/ or tv series. Thought the reader was excellent. Dramatized the read with voice inflection for each character without overdoing.

(5 stars)

A great reader and fun story. I’m sure it’s deeper than I realize. I hope to give it a second listen some day.

Well read

(5 stars)

This somewhat over the top Pushkin story was very well read.

Winner!! Thanks to Pushkin and Kevin Davidson.

(5 stars)

Story, reader and sound quality EXCELLENT.