Reginald in Russia and Other Sketches

Read by NoelBadrian

(4.6 stars; 31 reviews)

Reginald in Russia is the title story in a collection of fifteen witty and satirical stories, sketches and one "playlet" by that master of the short story H. H. Munro, better Known as Saki. The stories are: Reginald in Russia -- The Reticence of Lady Anne -- The Lost Sanjak -- The Sex That Doesn't Shop -- The Blood-feud of Toad-Water -- A Young Turkish Catastrophe -- Judkin of the Parcels -- Gabriel-Ernest -- The Saint and the Goblin -- The Soul of Laploshka -- The Bag -- The Strategist -- Cross Currents -- The Baker's Dozen (A Playlet) -- The Mouse. (Summary by Noel Badrian) (2 hr 38 min)


The Reticence of Lady Anne 8:15 Read by NoelBadrian
The Lost Sanjak 15:11 Read by NoelBadrian
Reginald in Russia 8:09 Read by NoelBadrian
The Sex That Doesn't Shop 7:08 Read by NoelBadrian
The Blood-Feud of Toad-Water 9:22 Read by NoelBadrian
A Young Turkish Catastrophe 4:35 Read by NoelBadrian
Judkin of the Parcels 6:09 Read by NoelBadrian
Gabriel-Ernest 16:53 Read by NoelBadrian
The Saint and the Goblin 6:52 Read by NoelBadrian
The Soul of Laploshka 11:59 Read by NoelBadrian
The Bag 12:33 Read by NoelBadrian
The Strategist 11:01 Read by NoelBadrian
Cross Currents 16:51 Read by NoelBadrian
The Baker's Dozen (A Playlet) 12:43 Read by NoelBadrian
The Mouse 11:02 Read by NoelBadrian


Narrator's voice and inflection are perfect

(5 stars)

Noel Badrian's seemingly effortless readings bring Saki's stories to life.

Loved The Mouse!!

(4.5 stars)

I jumped into this having absolutely no idea of what to expect, and when it was finished, was left wishing for more! What clever, humorous little sketches with unexpected endings, superbly read!! I liked The Mouse best of all!

great reading of Saki

(5 stars)

The master of the short story! Great stuff!

(5 stars)

I absolutely love saki. And this book is a great example.

Drollllll.... perfectly read and full of surprises

(5 stars)