Henry Dunbar

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(4.6 stars; 111 reviews)

In this novel by Victorian sensationalist Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Henry Dunbar returns to England after a 30-year exile to India for committing forgery. What follows is an adventure involving murder, deception, the ethical quandaries of guilt and responsibility, and the struggle against the gender and social barriers of the Victorian era. (Summary by Rosie) (15 hr 24 min)


After Office Hours In The House of Dunbar, Dunbar, and Balderby 26:59 Read by Victoria P
Margaret's Father 17:56 Read by Victoria P
The Meeting At The Railway Station 14:09 Read by Rosie
The Stroke Of Death 9:50 Read by Rosie
Sinking The Past 16:12 Read by Lynne T
Clement Austin's Diary 27:05 Read by Dan S
After Five-and-Thirty Years 14:30 Read by Victoria P
The First Stage On The Journey Home 12:15 Read by Victoria P
How Henry Dunbar Waited Dinner 22:25 Read by Victoria P
Laura Dunbar 24:44 Read by Lynne T
The Inquest 12:58 Read by Lynne T
Arrested 24:25 Read by Lynne T
The Prisoner Is Remanded 8:28 Read by Reeses118
Margaret's Journey 26:56 Read by Nick Whitley
Baffled 19:12 Read by Nick Whitley
Is It Love Or Fear? 10:55 Read by Lynne T
The Broken Picture 17:49 Read by Lynne T
Three Who Suspect 20:13 Read by Mike Pelton
Laura Dunbar's Disappointment 15:21 Read by Mike Pelton
New Hopes May Bloom 32:33 Read by Rosie
A New Life 8:50 Read by Reeses118
The Steeple-Chase 17:52 Read by Reeses118
The Bride That The Rain Rains On 11:59 Read by Victoria P
The Unbidden Guest Who Came To Laura Dunbar's Wedding 25:39 Read by Nick Whitley
After The Wedding 42:55 Read by Nick Whitley
What Happened In The Back Parlor Of The Banking-House 20:15 Read by Shauna Kennett
Clement Austin's Wooing 12:09 Read by Victoria P
Buying Diamonds 15:25 Read by Victoria P
Going Away 16:03 Read by Shauna Kennett
Stopped Upon The Way 15:38 Read by Emma Joyce
Clement Austin Makes A Sacrifice 28:45 Read by Nick Whitley
What Happened At Maudesley Abbey 18:20 Read by Nick Whitley
Margaret's Return 22:46 Read by Nick Whitley
Farewell 20:27 Read by Emma Joyce
A Discovery At The Luxembourg 12:21 Read by Allie Cingi
Looking For The Portrait 25:33 Read by Allie Cingi
Margaret's Letter 8:58 Read by Tammy Stalcup
Notes From A Journal Kept By Clement Austin During His Journey To Winchester 44:11 Read by Dan S
Clement Austin's Journal Continued 36:24 Read by Dan S
Flight 33:31 Read by Lynne T
At Maudesley Abbey 20:35 Read by Arlene Joyce
The Housmaid At Woodbine Cottage 14:25 Read by Arlene Joyce
On The Track 18:46 Read by Arlene Joyce
Chasing The "Crow" 18:02 Read by Victoria P
Giving It Up 10:51 Read by Victoria P
Clement's Story - Before The Dawn 30:56 Read by Dan S
The Dawn and Epilogue 12:19 Read by Dan S


No surprise but still enjoyable

(4 stars)

I figured out what happened early on. Normally, this doesn't happen to me. I don't see how anyone could be surprised about Henry. Still, this was an enjoyable story. Even though I knew I was curious about how the characters would find out & what the consequences would be. Also, there are other mysteries & twists that kept me guessing. The ending was great.

great readers

(4.5 stars)

This is my 7th or 8th ME Braddon and this isn’t as good as some of her other sensation novels but still enjoyable and well read by all the readers; thank-you for taking the time to record these books and for giving us books that would be otherwise be collecting dust

A favorite

(3.5 stars)

This is one of my favorit ME Braddon books. she is a brilliant author. You get connected with the characters and the story, so you cant stop listening! This story has plenty of twists andvturns, even though the mystery isnt hard to figure out, the story unfolds very nicely.

Enjoyable read

(4 stars)

I enjoyed this book. Though there are numerous readers, all are very good. It kept my interest right up to the last chapter which ties up the preceding events nicely. I definitely recommend.


(4 stars)

I could guess the mystery easily but was interesting characters and happenings. The readers change throughout the book but they are all agreeable readers.

on and on and on.....

(3 stars)

I so often thought she was going to conclude the story but she would just take it in another twist.

N o Surprises Here

(5 stars)

A pleasant Collins story, but without any unexpected twists or turns. The reality of Henry Dunbar's teal identity is obvious aost

Another great MEB mystery

(4 stars)

surprising twists and a detective, Henry Carter, who deserves a place in literary history right next to Inspector Bucket.