Adventures of Bindle

Read by Don W. Jenkins

(4.8 stars; 57 reviews)

Jenkins' most popular fictional creation was Mr. Joseph Bindle, who first appeared in a humorous novel in 1916 and in a number of sequels. In the preface to the books, T. P. O'Connor said that "Bindle is the greatest Cockney that has come into being through the medium of literature since Dickens wrote Pickwick Papers". The stories are based on the comedic drama of life at work, at home and all the adventures that take place along the way. (Summary by Wikipedia) (6 hr 25 min)


Chapter I The Coming of the Lodger 27:59 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter II A Downing Street Sensation 33:56 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter III The Air Raid 15:04 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter IV The Duplication of Mr. Hearty 21:33 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter V The Gathering of the Bands 22:44 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter VI Mr. Gupperduck's Mishap 18:06 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter VII The Courting of the Rev. Andrew McFie 24:09 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter VIII The Chapel Conversazione 36:08 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter IX The Letting of Number Six 23:40 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter X The Downfall of Mr. Jabez Stiffson 25:43 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter XI The Camouflaging of Mr. Gupperduck 14:08 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter XII The Tragedy of Giuseppi Antonio Tolmenicino 29:13 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter XIII The Return of Charlie Dixon 16:36 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter XIV Mr. Hearty Yields 16:07 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter XV A Billeting Adventure 28:25 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter XVI Millie's Wedding 32:11 Read by Don W. Jenkins


good read!

(5 stars)

Very entertaining set of stories and well read to boot!

Thanks Again to Mr. Jenkins

(5 stars)

As an Army combat veteran, I rarely hear the birds sing or smell the flowers as I once did. But after listening to you reading "Bindle" and other humorous works of fiction, and laughing for a while, I begin to feel better. I do not have the words to express adequately my gratitude to you (as well as all Librivox volunteers) for the benefits your gift and your goodness have given to me. I pray God will bless you and all at Librivox for the time and effort you all take for the benefit of others. "Bindle" is just one example of the literary works I could name for which your excellent reading has added to the literary talent of the author. Thanks again and God bless you and Librivox.

And the adventures continue

(5 stars)

I LOVED the handling of the good nosey McFie, and how he is discouraged from pursuing the niece. Classic! Oh and the rest of the stories are great. I hoping you are listening to them in order. If so, my reviews will make more sense. :-)


(5 stars)

one heck of a tail read very well give credits to the reader and libravox a round of applause for the grandest tale I ever did hear hip hooray

v well read, Don Jenkins made me laugh . Nice one!

(5 stars)

very good narration,just the right comic tone needed.l would lis

(5 stars)

(5 stars)

Great bunch of stories and love the reader!!


(5 stars)

I actually love Bindle & Mrs B! They're great together but Bindle is also great on his own. Most often he doesn't mean to stir things up unless there's a good reason for it. As an atheist I love seeing a character of this period that thinks religious people are ridiculous! He appears to be a deist, which if you must make yourself believe in a god is the only sane way to be. However, the Bindle books are not offensive to anyone. He just observes & questions people particularly the super believers like his wife. She's hilarious! She's always accusing Bindle of being disgusting or lewd when he isn't. For example, mentioning that someone removed her stockings & saying "baby" around a young lady are somehow lewd to her! While the stories are funny & drag you in the narration really brings the characters to life. I'm so happy that Don's read all of the Bindle books because after hearing 1 I can't imagine anyone else reading it. He's so good!