Young Folks' Treasury, Volume 2

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.8 stars; 3 reviews)

This is the second book in a twelve volume series, and highlights myths and legendary heroes from around the world, from Ancient Greece to Scandinavia and the Far East. They are aimed at the junior audience. (Summary by Lynne Thompson) (18 hr 55 min)


Introduction 5:08 Read by Lynne T
Baucis And Philemon 18:26 Read by Lynne T
Pandora 13:40 Read by ElleyKat
Midas 16:35 Read by Greg Giordano
Cadmus 14:31 Read by Ellen Preckel
Proserpina 40:01 Read by Katalina Watt
The Story Of Atalanta 4:32 Read by Arnie Horton
Pyramus And Thisbe 6:12 Read by thestorygirl
Orpheus 9:48 Read by drakaunus
Baldur 25:17 Read by Ellen Preckel
Thor's Adventures Among The Jotuns 23:56 Read by Bill Boerst
The Apples Of Idun 10:36 Read by Sarah Alaine Swart
The Gift Of The Dwarfs 12:36 Read by Julia Niedermaier
The Punishment Of Loki 9:18 Read by drakaunus
The Blind Man, The Deaf Man, and the Donkey 18:43 Read by rookieblue
Harisaman 10:41 Read by Claudia Salto
Why The Fish Laughed 11:30 Read by ElleyKat
Muchie Lal 17:58 Read by Bill Boerst
How The Rajah's Son Won The Princess Labam 18:39 Read by Ellen Preckel
The Jellyfish And The Monkey 18:12 Read by ElleyKat
The Old Man And The Devils 3:53 Read by K. Zdepski
Autumn And Spring 6:11 Read by ElleyKat
The Vision Of Tsunu 7:37 Read by Ernst Pattynama
The Star-Lovers 4:44 Read by ElleyKat
Two Brothers 6:47 Read by tealrobin
The Twelve Months 16:40 Read by Ernst Pattynama
The Sun; Or The Three Golden Hairs Of The Old Man Vésèvde 20:43 Read by Bill Boerst
Hiawatha 44:25 Read by Jill Engle
Perseus 28:14 Read by Ellen Preckel
Odysseus Parts 1 and 2 25:15 Read by luckyemma
Odysseus Parts 3 and 4 21:34 Read by luckyemma
The Argonauts Parts 1 through 3 23:39 Read by Bill Boerst
The Argonauts Parts 4 and 5 32:10 Read by Bill Boerst
Theseus 33:14 Read by Ravi Shankar
Hercules 27:45 Read by Alexander Hatton
The Perilous Voyage Of Æneas 20:06 Read by Ellen Preckel
How Horatius Held The Bridge 5:06 Read by constatine
How Cincinnatus Saved Rome 10:23 Read by Lynne T
Beowulf 32:45 Read by drakaunus
How King Arthur Conquered Rome 28:50 Read by Mike Pelton
Sir Galahad And The Sacred Cup 19:14 Read by Lynne T
The Passing Of Arthur 12:43 Read by Chill28
Robin Hood 37:46 Read by Lynne T
Guy Of Warwick 22:45 Read by Katalina Watt
Dick Whittington And His Cat 17:37 Read by Lynne T
Tom Hickathrift 12:18 Read by Marty
The Story Of Frithiof 30:35 Read by Kathy Wright
Havelok 22:29 Read by Ellen Preckel
The Vikings 19:52 Read by Jacki Horn
Siegfried Parts 1 through 4 29:34 Read by Mike Pelton
Siegfried Parts 5 through 7 26:46 Read by Mike Pelton
Roland Parts 1 through 3 36:15 Read by Lynne T
Roland Parts 4 and 5 23:16 Read by Lynne T
The Cid Parts 1 through 3 17:07 Read by Ellen Preckel
The Cid Parts 4 and 5 20:36 Read by Ellen Preckel
William Tell 37:06 Read by Marty
Rustem Part 1 17:44 Read by Mike Pelton
Rustem Part 2 25:54 Read by Mike Pelton