In Time Of Emergency: A Citizen's Handbook On Nuclear Attack, Natural Disasters

Read by TriciaG

(3.9 stars; 25 reviews)

A major emergency affecting a large number of people may occur anytime and anywhere. It may be a peacetime disaster such as a flood, tornado, fire, hurricane, blizzard or earthquake. It could be an enemy nuclear attack on the United States. In any type of general disaster, lives can be saved if people are prepared for the emergency, and know what actions to take when it occurs.

This handbook, "In Time of Emergency" (1968), contains basic general information on both nuclear attack and major natural disasters. This general guidance supplements the specific instructions issued by local governments. Since special conditions may exist in some communities, the local instructions may be slightly different from this general guidance. In those cases, the local instructions should be followed. (Summary from Introduction) (2 hr 8 min)


In Time of Emergency

(2.5 stars)

Narrator is kinda mechanical,. I have had this booklet for 40 years and liked seeing this audiobook version. It's a good reference to how little the government would tell the people of the real dangers of nuclear weapons and radiation dangers back then. A lot of the improvised shelters suggestions are really a joke.

(2 stars)

Boring read. The reader sounds like a robot. If you find those monthly company meetings entertaining then this book is for you.

worded well, though no reference to date published or whether still the current…

(2 stars)

Well, someone narrated.

Cadence you amateur!

(1.5 stars)

Woman reads like a text to speech program...assuming she's not. Terrible though!

It was definitely a different time, that's for sure..

(5 stars)