Short Ghost and Horror Collection 021

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(4.3 stars; 45 reviews)

A collection of twenty stories featuring ghoulies, ghosties, long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night. Expect shivers up your spine, the stench of human flesh, and the occasional touch of wonder. (8 hr 7 min)


The Bad Old Woman in Black 6:41 Read by Brendan MacKenzie
Coco 10:40 Read by Bellona Times
The Mysterious Mansion 28:43 Read by Chiquito Crasto
The Upper Berth 48:30 Read by beaglemixtape
The Squaw 33:07 Read by Jeff Chesnut
Transition 15:39 Read by Chiquito Crasto
At the Gate 14:19 Read by Chiquito Crasto
Lycanthropus 1:36 Read by Jeff Chesnut
The Night Wire 16:53 Read by Dan Gurzynski
The Haunted Cove 18:07 Read by Chiquito Crasto
The Tractate Middoth 43:45 Read by Chiquito Crasto
The Music on the Hill 15:45 Read by Chiquito Crasto
The Insanity of Jones 1:06:29 Read by Andy Sames
The Monster Maker 45:13 Read by Jeff Chesnut
The Fortunes of Sir Robert Ardagh 23:37 Read by Lars Rolander (1942-2016)
The Open Window 7:23 Read by Pooja DSr
The Diary of Philip Westerly 13:06 Read by Chuck Williamson
El Verdugo (The Executioner) 26:38 Read by Chiquito Crasto
The Bold Dragoon 22:17 Read by Chiquito Crasto
The Tomb of Heiri 28:52 Read by Chiquito Crasto


(3 stars)

at the gate - is about dogs waiting in heaven. have tissue ready if your sentimental. Chiquitao is awesome

(3.5 stars)

Mr. Crasto is, as always, enthralling.

(5 stars)

There are a few stories repeated from other collection, but generally a nice set. The readers are good, and one , an experienced one, is excellent.


(5 stars)

These are good stories. But coc is really disturbing. But brilliantly read and written

(5 stars)

I cried so hard for Coco. I wanted to help that baby so much

(3.5 stars)

not bad, but not great either.


(4.5 stars)

'Coco' is a difficult story to listen to, not any fault of the great job done by the Reader; the tale itself is one of a cruel, meanspirited person committing equine murder in the most evil ways. As a lover of all animals (with the exceptions of slugs and earwigs - don't get me started) it had a heartbreaking effect upon me. I am adding this review of 'At the Gate'. It's more of a question, really..why would you make me cry?!?! That was wrenchingly sad. Now I am thinking of all the puppets I have known throughout my life..😭. I thought these were supposed to be scary. Now, instead of being covered in goose flesh, I am having an ugly-cry moment. First the horse, now an afterlife of deceased canines. Sure hope the next one isnt about where hamburgers come from.😟