The Lilac Fairy Book

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(4.5 stars; 93 reviews)

Andrew Lang's Fairy Books or Andrew Lang's "Coloured" Fairy Books are a twelve-book series of fairy tale collections. Although Andrew Lang did not collect the stories himself from the oral tradition, the extent of his sources (who had collected them originally), made them an immensely influential collection, especially as he used foreign-language sources, giving many of these tales their first appearance in English. As acknowledged in the prefaces, although Lang himself made most of the selections, his wife and other translators did a large portion of the translating and telling of the actual stories. Many of them were illustrated by Henry J. Ford. Lancelot Speed also did some illustrations. (Summary from Wikipedia) (9 hr 47 min)


Preface 8:48 Read by ML Cohen
Shifty Lad, Scotland 24:53 Read by Becky Miller
False Prince and True, Portugal 15:21 Read by katyleah
Jogi's Punishment, India 13:55 Read by Becky Miller
Heart of a Monkey, Swahili 22:54 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
Fairy Nurse, Ireland 10:23 Read by Elizabeth McAndrew
Lost Paradise, France 9:46 Read by Betsie Bush
How Brave Walter Hunted Wolves, Finland 19:25 Read by Jessica AC Snyder
King of Waterfalls, Scotland 25:14 Read by Ted Delorme
French Puck, France 5:58 Read by Claire Goget
Three Crowns, Scotland 17:37 Read by Claire Goget
Story of a Very Bad Boy, France 13:31 Read by John Lieder
Brown Bear of Norway, Scotland 20:14 Read by John Lieder
Little Lasse, Finland 17:18 Read by John Lieder
Moti, Mid-East 18:22 Read by Caitlin Kelly
Enchanted Deer, Scotland 17:05 Read by Lizzie Driver
Fish Story, Australia 5:40 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
Wonderful Tune, Ireland 15:24 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
Rich Brother & Poor Brother, Portugal 19:53 Read by Missie
One-Handed Girl, Swahili 29:05 Read by Lizzie Driver
Bones of Djulung, Unknown 9:51 Read by Betsie Bush
Sea King's Gift, Finland 27:35 Read by Jessica AC Snyder
The Raspberry Worm, Finland 11:43 Read by Kevin McAsh
Stones of Plouhinec, France 16:28 Read by Mark F. Smith
Castle of Kerglas, France 28:57 Read by Mark F. Smith
Battle of Birds, Scotland 24:18 Read by Lizzie Driver
Lady of Fountain, Wales 30:21 Read by Ancilla
Four Gifts, France 18:31 Read by Ancilla
Groac'h of Isle of Lok, France 17:07 Read by Megan Stemm-Wade
Escape of Mouse, Wales 16:58 Read by Joe Konno
Believing Husbands, Scotland 7:05 Read by Susie G.
Hoodie Crow, Scotland 9:01 Read by katyleah
Brownie of Lake, France 12:17 Read by Megan Stemm-Wade
Winning of Olwen, Wales 26:23 Read by Kevin McAsh



(4 stars)

A lively collection. I heard several King Arthur tales I had never heard before.

(4 stars)

How Brave Walter Hunted reads very slow and emphasizes common words to often. The stories are great though.

sweet stories

(4.5 stars)

Love the book. Great stories. I hate that there's mixed readers. I would Prefer to that they pick one reader for the book, but great book non the less

Thank you!

(5 stars)

Thank you very much for posting this audiobook.

people shouldnt b reading this book to us that cant speak englis

(5 stars)

good book and cool stories

(4.5 stars)

fun Books