Selections from The Army and Navy Hymnal, Volume 1

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This collection was a joint effort by the chaplains of the US Army and the Navy to meet the needs of divine services conducted in the Army and Navy, and for, in the compilers' words, "the upbuilding of patriotic citizenship."

These 20 hymns from the book were selected by the singers. (Summary by Kevin Davidson)

"Fairest Lord Jesus" sung by Kimberly Krause and TriciaG
"Safe in the Arms of Jesus" sung by by Dulcimergirl and Kimberly Krause (1 hr 3 min)


01 - Fairest Lord Jesus - Tune: Crusader's Hymn 2:34 Read by TriciaG
02 - The King of Love my Shepherd Is - Tune: Dominus Regit Me 2:57 Read by Carol Box
03 - Break Thou the Bread of Life - Tune: Bread of Life 2:49 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
04 - Abide with Me! Fast Falls the Eventide - Tune: Eventide 3:34 Read by Ruth Golding
05 - Beneath the Cross of Jesus - Tune: St. Christopher 3:40 Read by MaryAnn
06 - Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine - Tune: Blessed Assurance 3:28 Read by Eden Rea-Hedrick
07 - Christ the Lord is Risen To-Day - Tune: Worgan 3:05 Read by Eden Rea-Hedrick
08 - There's Not a Friend - Tune: No, Not One 4:03 Read by TriciaG
09 - Lead, Kindly Light, Amid the Encircling Gloom - Tune: Lux Benigna 2:41 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
10 - God Be With You Till We Meet Again - Tune: God Be with You 4:11 Read by Maria Kasper
11 - Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross - tune: Near the Cross 5:03 Read by MaryAnn
12 - Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory - Tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic 4:01 Read by Maria Kasper
13 - When I Survey the Wondrous Cross - Tune: Hamburg 2:41 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
14 - I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say - Tune: Evan 2:45 Read by Maria Kasper
15 - My Faith Looks Up to Thee - Tune: Olivet 3:03 Read by Gina Marie
16 - The Morning Light is Breaking - Tune: Webb 2:40 Read by Woolly Bee
17 - Yom Kippur Hymn 2:37 Read by Maria Kasper
18 - When the Trumpet of the Lord Shall Sound - Tune: When the Roll is Called U… 2:37 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
19 - Safe in the Arms of Jesus 3:48 Read by Kimberly Krause
20 - Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow - Tune: Old Hundredth 1:21 Read by TriciaG


work of love

(4 stars)

Thanks to all the singers. Some are our favorite readers give us their performance.from their hearts. If you are wanting professional singers this is not for you,but if you just want to listen to hymns and want a spiritual uplifting this worked for me. Thanks again to all the singers I really enjoyed and will listen many more times.