Chronicles of Canada Volume 23 - The Cariboo Trail: A Chronicle of the Gold-fie…

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Between the California and Yukon/Klondike gold rushes was the Cariboo Gold Rush in what would become northern British Columbia. The first discovery was made in 1859, but the rush didn't get underway in earnest until 1861. This short work documents the story of this lesser-known era and how it directly affected the development of British Columbia. (Summary by TriciaG) (2 hr 24 min)


The "Argonauts" 22:08 Read by Claire M
The Prospector 22:57 Read by Ramon Escamilla
Cariboo 27:24 Read by Ramon Escamilla
The Overlanders 18:46 Read by Claire M
Crossing the Mountains 16:25 Read by Mike Pelton
Quesnel and Kamloops 10:06 Read by Mike Pelton
Life at the Mines 13:50 Read by Tammy Porter
The Cariboo Road 13:04 Read by Tammy Porter


(4 stars)

enjoyable to listen to the history of this region