Over The Plum Pudding

Read by David Wales

(4.5 stars; 20 reviews)

Great Caesar’s ghost and shades of A Christmas Carol! Stories – some ghostly, some Christmas, some humorous, some all three -- twelve of them by a master story teller and humorist of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. (Summary by David Wales) (4 hr 30 min)


00 Dedication and Explanation 1:51 Read by David Wales
01 "Over The Plum-pudding" 22:19 Read by David Wales
02 Bills, M.D.; A Christmas Ghost I Have Met 18:44 Read by David Wales
03 The Flunking Of Watkins's Ghost 27:03 Read by David Wales
04 An Unmailed Letter; Being A Christmas Tale Of Some Significance 20:49 Read by David Wales
05 The Almalgamed Brotherhood Of Spooks; A Letter To The Editor 25:48 Read by David Wales
06 A Glance Ahead; Being A Christmas Tale Of A.D. 3668 37:33 Read by David Wales
07 Hans Pumpernickel's Vigil 18:06 Read by David Wales
08 The Affliction Of Baron Humpfelhimmel 18:37 Read by David Wales
09 A Great Composer 19:25 Read by David Wales
10 How Fritz Became A Wizard 16:07 Read by David Wales
11 Rise And Fall Of The Poet Gregory 17:32 Read by David Wales
12 A Tale Of A Pirate Ghost, Found Floating In A Water-bottle 26:41 Read by David Wales


Bangs is always a delight!

(5 stars)

A certain reviewer who tells those of us who read reviews to keep in mind that the majority of people alive during the time this collection was penned, had, so to speak, incorrect thoughts. This, then, reveals defects of said people of said time including, for example, those of moral, if one is a believer in such things as morals; mental, which does indeed lead us down quite the slippery slope of sorts; physical, as one cannot wonder at just how often those people had their noggins knocked about as infants or had them drenched in the various snake oils sold to unsuspecting mothers-to-be of such an incorrect period in time that the rest of the people witnessing such things would even allow them to occur; as well as those of physical in nature as related to the mental deficiencies of that incorrect social construct known as the majority. This reviewer reminds that reviewer that our contemporary thoughts are also incorrect as inductive logic dictates. That is to say, in ~100 years our societal majority of persons will be scoffed at, reviled, and generally nauseate some future reviewers of our contemporary literature to degree so great that the majority of their own society must also harbor incorrect thoughts and utter incorrect words.

Over The Plum Pudding

(5 stars)

Great read and fun collection of Bangs' unique stories... Recommended:)

A Nice Set of Stories

(4 stars)

A nice set of stories. Some are quite witty. 2 mention negros. You'll need to remind yourself that this was written in a different era when the mindset of the majority was wrong.