Chronicles of Canada Volume 05 - Seigneurs of Old Canada: A Chronicle of New Wo…

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It was during one of her proud and prosperous eras that France began her task of creating an empire beyond the Atlantic. At no time, indeed, was she better equipped for the work. No power of Western Europe since the days of Roman glory had possessed such facilities for conquering and governing new lands. If ever there was a land able and ready to take up the white man's burden it was the France of the seventeenth century. (3 hr 20 min)


AN OUTPOST OF EMPIRE 46:49 Read by Esther
GENTLEMEN OF THE WILDERNESS 34:21 Read by Scott Mather
THREE SEIGNEURS OF OLD CANADA 36:49 Read by Caitlin Kelly
SEIGNEUR AND HABITANT 22:58 Read by Esther
HOW THE HABITANT LIVED 23:14 Read by J. M. Smallheer
'AD MAJOREM DEI GLORIAM' 19:53 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
THE TWILIGHT OF FEUDALISM 16:20 Read by Cori Samuel


(1 stars)

What a shockingly boring book. There is a fascinating, colorful, and complex history here, but this book does it a disservice. It's almost like the author was looking for the dryest, dullest way possible to assemble these events into a series. I'd hesitate to even call it a narrative.