Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood

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(4.7 stars; 83 reviews)

George MacDonald is mainly known for his fantasy works and fairy tales such as At the Back of the North Wind and the Princess and the Goblin. However, during his life he was more famous for many more realistic novels. . . among them the somewhat autobiographical Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood.
(7 hr 4 min)


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A Valuable Book

(5 stars)

As others have noted, the storytelling herein is great. Not saccharine, contrived or trite, but wholesome, enjoyable and wise. MacDonald presents the characters realistically with their various virtues and vices. However he makes none of them objects for us to despise but sadly, people who reject the offer of God's help, or happily, those who choose to walk with the Good Shepherd. His portrayal of Ranald's childhood in Scotland is winsome, attractive and secure in his father's love.


(5 stars)

Unbelievably deep, there are simply no words to say how well written this book is. This is one of those sweet gems of writing that every person of any age can enjoy reading multiple times and get new insights from each time. I am awestruck.

Edifying story.

(5 stars)

Edifying story with valuable lessons for young men, as well as masterful story telling by George McDonald.

Growing Up

(5 stars)

George MacDonald at his wisest and best. A lovely book. Thank you readers! Well done.

(4 stars)

Interesting story. There are multiple readers, which detracts some, but they all did a fair job.

Classic MacDonald

(5 stars)

Wonderful tales of childhood, beautifully told, with gentle spiritual lessons. Narration is uneven.

Deeply Impressing

(5 stars)

teaches great lessons and end very dramatically in the essence of manhood


(4.5 stars)

I enjoyed the story and the narration. thank you