The Hotel D'Angleterre And Other Stories

Read by David Wales

(2.8 stars; 2 reviews)

Five short stories by Lanoe Falconer which is the pseudonym of the English writer, Marie Elizabeth Hawker (1848 - 1908). Her works, though few, were well received. Never married, her health was precarious, preventing her from writing more, though she wished to. She died of tuberculosis, as did her brother. (Summary by David Wales) (3 hr 12 min)


The Hotel D'Angleterre 58:10 Read by David Wales
The Violin Obbligato 59:34 Read by David Wales
A Rainy Day 30:42 Read by David Wales
Granny Lovelock At Home 20:17 Read by David Wales
Miss Awdrey At Home 23:49 Read by David Wales


one of my favorite readers

(2 stars)

some stories are interesting. granny story was hard to listen to.

Five stars.

(5 stars)

All excellent. Can only recommend.