The Firm of Nucingen

Read by James E. Carson

(3.9 stars; 8 reviews)

Part of the Comedie Humane and a "supplementary" tale to go with Father Goriot and Gobseck. Nucingen is the married family name of one of Father Goriot's daughters. "James Waring" is a pseudonym of Ellen Marriage (Balzac was considered sometimes too racy by the Victorian Age). (Summary by JCarson) (3 hr 17 min)


Section 1 1:03:39 Read by James E. Carson
Section 2 1:06:25 Read by James E. Carson
Section 3 1:07:06 Read by James E. Carson


Hard to listen to

(2 stars)

This book is read in such a halting, toneless way that it’s hard to listen to. I thank the reader for taking the time to make this recording. Unfortunately, his delivery is just too choppy to sustain the sense of what the writer was trying to convey.