The Young Carthaginian

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(4.6 stars; 80 reviews)

Typically, Henty's heroes are boys of pluck in troubled times, and this is no different. Detailed research is embellished with a vivid imagination, especially in this novel set in the Punic wars, about which knowledge is limited: "...certainly we had but a hazy idea as to the merits of the struggle and knew but little of its events, for the Latin and Greek authors, which serve as the ordinary textbooks in schools, do not treat of the Punic wars. That it was a struggle for empire at first, and latterly one for existence on the part of Carthage, that Hannibal was a great and skilful general, that he defeated the Romans at Trebia, Lake Trasimenus, and Cannae, and all but took Rome, and that the Romans behaved with bad faith and great cruelty at the capture of Carthage, represents, I think, pretty nearly the sum total of our knowledge. " (from the preface) (11 hr 40 min)


Preface 4:27 Read by Larry Wilson
A Camp In The Desert 25:45 Read by Stephen Gibbons
A Night Attack 32:38 Read by Ravi Shankar
Carthage 29:13 Read by Lynne T
A Popular Rising 29:51 Read by Lynne T
The Conspiracy 35:06 Read by Ralph Crown
A Campaign In Spain 35:55 Read by Ravi Shankar
A Wolf Hunt 27:51 Read by Brett G. Hirsch
A Plot Frustrated 34:51 Read by Brett G. Hirsch
The Siege Of Saguntum 24:08 Read by Arnie Horton
Beset 35:38 Read by Deon Gines
The Passage Of The Rhone 31:52 Read by Lynne T
Among The Passes 30:45 Read by Lynne T
The Battle Of The Trebia 35:53 Read by Larry Wilson
The Battle Of Lake Trasimene 40:25 Read by Ravi Shankar
A Mountain Tribe 25:34 Read by Arnie Horton
In The Dungeons Of Carthage 31:59 Read by Edward Kirkby
The Escape 31:46 Read by Edward Kirkby
Cannae 29:18 Read by Paige G
In The Mines 27:15 Read by Brett W. Downey
The Sardinian Forest 32:04 Read by Brett W. Downey
The Gaulish Slave 27:36 Read by Brett W. Downey
The Lion 40:33 Read by Ravi Shankar


one of Hentys best

(5 stars)

A little slow at the beginning, but this is probably one of Hentys best books (at least in my opinion, and I have read most of his books)

amazing story

(5 stars)

The author's genius is manifested in this masterly piece of writing.

An excellent story, starts slow but stick with it!

(5 stars)

Excellent story; it starts a little "slow" but as it unfolds it's hard to put down. The readers did a good job, some better than others, but all around a good "reading".

(4 stars)

certainly increased my knowledge about this period of history - not the greatest story but well narrated

interesting story

(4 stars)

not a subject I knew anything about. now I know a little, and the story of Malchus was entertaining. worth listening to.

(5 stars)

Excellent way to learn history. Some readers read very well, some not so good. However, overall very much worth listening to.

(4 stars)

Another great GA Henry story, but the narration is poor in parts.

Excellent story

(5 stars)

Well written, informative and interesting.