Memories of Childhood's Slavery Days

Read by Michele Fry

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This is a short and simple, yet poignant autobiography of Annie Burton, who recounts her early carefree childhood as a slave on a southern plantation while the Civil War raged around her, and after the Emancipation Proclamation, how her life changed as she struggled to maintain herself and family, manage her finances, and develop as a free person of color. The last half of the narrative relies heavily upon speeches, poems, and hymns written by others that stirred Annie's religious passions and increased her pride in her heritage, including a very powerful speech by Dr. P. Thomas Stanford, "The Race Question in America", which no doubt gave Annie some historical perspective, boosted her pride, and offered much food for thought to her readers upon that important subject. (Summary by Michele Fry) (1 hr 40 min)


Recollections Of A Happy Life 36:11 Read by Michele Fry
Reminiscences 15:09 Read by Michele Fry
A Vision 4:12 Read by Michele Fry
Abraham Lincoln 4:58 Read by Michele Fry
The Race Question In America 16:27 Read by Michele Fry
Historical Composition 2:01 Read by Michele Fry
My Favorite Poems 10:05 Read by Michele Fry
My Favorite Hymns 11:18 Read by Michele Fry



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