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Albert Payson Terhune was a journalist but is probably best known as a breeder of dogs, in particular collies at his Sunnybank Kennels. Bruce charts the story of an unwanted puppy who becomes loved by the mistress of the family. He then becomes enlisted as a carrier dog in World War 1, completing heroic tasks and coming home a war hero (Summary by SamR) (3 hr 39 min)


The Coming of Bruce 46:11 Read by SamR
The Pest 33:15 Read by SamR
The War Dog 38:06 Read by SamR
When Eyes Were No Use 32:27 Read by SamR
The Double Cross 33:38 Read by SamR
The Werewolf 35:41 Read by SamR


Great story

(4 stars)

This book was set in World War I, and has none of the dark cynicism of postwar novels by other authors who stayed on school reading lists for years. Draped in the background is a clear-eyed patriotism without any Pollyanna element. It's first and foremost a dog story, believable yet uplifting. The reader mispronounced a few words, but is intelligible.


(5 stars)

This will not be forgotten for a long time! If you haven’t already, read the rest of Terhune’s books.


(5 stars)

A typical Terhune mastterpiece. The reader was great. Librivox needs to record more of Terhune.

I love dogs and this book is the best way to know about them

(4.5 stars)

cool dude

(5 stars)

I love it it is great