Flying for France - With the American Escadrille at Verdun

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The experiences of American James R. McConnell, while flying with the French Flying Corp at Verdun during World War One. Sgt McConnell was a member of the Layfette Escadrille also called the American Escadrille from 1915 to 1917. McConnell volunteered for Ambulance service in France in 1915. While serving with the Ambulance service he was cited for courage in retrieving wounded soldiers under fire and was awarded the French Croix de Gurre for bravery. He decided to volunteer for service in the French Flying Corps and became a member of the American Escadrelle. A unit formed in the years before the United States became involved in the war made up of American Volunteer pilots. - Summary by William A Crenshaw (2 hr 29 min)


Introduction 2:42 Read by William A Crenshaw
Chapter 1, Part 1 23:03 Read by Jeanie
Chapter 1, Part 2 17:50 Read by BettyB
Chapter 1, Part 3 21:17 Read by BettyB
Chapter 2, Part 1 16:00 Read by 3Dad
Chapter 2, Part 2 19:19 Read by BettyB
Chapter 3 16:39 Read by BettyB
Chapter 4 12:13 Read by ToddHW
Chapter 5 20:31 Read by William A Crenshaw


Life Cut Short Too Soon

(4 stars)

Chapters 1 and 2 are McConnell's narrative. I cannot tell if they were taken and edited from his letters, or if he wrote it himself as they are presented. Chapter 3 is McConnell's letters. It contains much of the same occurrences as are related in chapters 1 and 2. Chapter 4 talks about how France trained its aviators. Chapter 5 are letters from others about McConnell's final fight and death. I'd give this 3 stars, but that feels disrespectful to the pilot who died. So 4 stars it is.

flying for France

(4 stars)

good account of daily struggle. wish it had been longer with more background of people and details of aircraft. overall very well read.