Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat

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(4.3 stars; 94 reviews)

Otherwise known as 'Under the Ocean for Sunken Treasure', is Volume 4 in the original Tom Swift novel series. Tom persuades his father to use his own submarine to hunt for treasure on a sunken ship. The book follows his adventures in this pursuit. - Summary by Claire Schreuder (4 hr 30 min)


01 - News of a Treasure Wreck 15:03 Read by Ralph Crown
02 - Finishing the Submarine 15:43 Read by Ralph Crown
03 - Mr Berg is Astonished 6:06 Read by Claire Schreuder
04 - Tom is Imprisoned 14:10 Read by Jon Smith
05 - Mr Berg is Suspicious 15:35 Read by Jon Smith
06 - Turning the Tables 14:16 Read by Jon Smith
07 - Mr Damon Will Go 8:36 Read by ToddHW
08 - Another Treasure Expedition 6:00 Read by Peter O'Malley
09 - Captain Weston's Advent 10:45 Read by ToddHW
10 - Trial of the Submarine 11:18 Read by ToddHW
11 - On the Ocean Bed 11:37 Read by Jon Smith
12 - For a Breath of Air 10:15 Read by MaryAnn
13 - Off for the Treasure 8:58 Read by Tammy T.
14 - In the Diving Suits 7:55 Read by Tammy T.
15 - At the Tropical Island 5:10 Read by Claire Schreuder
16 - 'We'll Race You For It' 7:27 Read by Andrew Stinton
17 - The Race 9:27 Read by Esther ben Simonides
18 - The Electric Gun 13:05 Read by Onlam
19 - Captured 12:39 Read by Dave Gillespie
20 - Doomed to Death 11:21 Read by Dave Gillespie
21 - The Escape 18:28 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
22 - At the Wreck 9:20 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
23 - Attacked by Sharks 10:18 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
24 - Ramming the Wreck 8:02 Read by Prachi Pendse
25 - Home With the Gold 8:42 Read by Andrew Stinton


(5 stars)

It was good. I wish the narrarator would stop switching.


(2.5 stars)

can the same person read it all?


(5 stars)

this book is an good one but it is sort of boring at times

Not one of the best Tom Swift stories

(3 stars)

I generally enjoy the TS stories, they are similar to the Famous Five but set 40 years earlier during the dawn of modern technology, especially transport technology. Just this particular story has too many errors. For example, they launch a brand new submarine and the first test they do is diving a mile deep to discover they cannot raise to the surface and took no reserve air. They all almost suffocate. Sure a children's story needs action, but the characters almost killing themselves because of this level of stupidity is unbelievable. Many chapters are not recorded by Librivox's finest. I skipped a few chapters read by a little girl with a painfully high and over-enthusiastic voice. There are many better recordings of better TS stories here on Librivox.


(5 stars)

It was one of the best audiobooks I’ve ever listen to!🙊

(5 stars)

Great story but some of the narrators were not to my liking.

Better readers then others

(3 stars)

there are couple readers that seem unable to pronounce simple words, it's pretty bad when the reader of chapter 18 who is Chinese and she's speaking a second language pronounce has more words correctly than the people whose first language is English!

(4 stars)

the science doesn't hold up. nor some of the geo-politics. Still a fun little adventure