The Book of Cats

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(3.9 stars; 5 reviews)

One day, ever so long ago, it struck me that I should like to try and write a book about Cats. I mentioned the idea to some of my friends: the first burst out laughing at the end of my opening sentence, so I refrained from entering into further details. The second said there were a hundred books about Cats already. The third said, “Nobody would read it,” and added, “Besides, what do you know of the subject?” and before I had time to begin to tell him, said he expected it was very little. “Why not Dogs?” asked one friend of mine, hitting upon the notion as though by inspiration. “Or Horses,” said some one else; “or Pigs; or, look here, this is the finest notion of all:— (5 hr 11 min)


(3 stars)

time to try to fall asleep. It's not exiting nor completely boring so it was perfect for my purposes. Be aware that there are some animal cruelly acts mentioned. Also, it seems like people would drown unwanted kittens & cats like it's normal. This has been the case with another cat book on Librivox. I'm thinking these aren't for me. It can be too much.