Allan Quatermain

Read by John Nicholson

(4.6 stars; 341 reviews)

Allan Quatermain was the quintessential Victorian English gentleman cum African big-game hunter. In this book, the second in the series, Quaterman and his two good friends from KSM have tired of their dull and unfulfilling lives in England, and decide to search for the truth of an old tale about the existence of an isolated white kingdom deep in darkest Africa. Their journey and subsequent adventures are sure to satisfy those who enjoy tales of dangerous quests and heroic just-in-time derring-do.

Allan Quatermain appears in some 15 to 18 stories or books by H. Rider Haggard. (The number varies by source and apparently depends on how one chooses to count the shorter stories.) Haggard suggests that Quatermain was the author of the works, and he (Haggard) only edited and published them. The most famous Quatermain book is the first, King Solomon’s Mines (1885), and the sequel (1887) was Allan Quatermain - in which the main character, shall we say, departs for a better place! All the other Quatermain books – even those whose events occurred earlier in time – seem to have been written after these two main titles.

The internal chronology of Quatermain’s life is a big mess, to be honest. As you study the research and learn of the numerous contradictions of timing of events in the books, you see that conjecture and invention are required to create any kind of internal chronology that makes sense. So my advice is to read (listen to) the books for enjoyment, don’t take notes!, and don’t worry about how one event simply can’t be possible on the apparent date because it conflicts wtih some other event in a different story! Hey! It’s fiction – anything goes! (13 hr 7 min)


INTRODUCTION 19:55 Read by John Nicholson
THE CONSUL'S YARN 35:16 Read by John Nicholson
THE BLACK HAND 25:59 Read by John Nicholson
THE MISSION STATION 29:10 Read by John Nicholson
ALPHONSE AND HIS ANNETTE 26:02 Read by John Nicholson
UMSLOPOGAAS MAKES A PROMISE 38:13 Read by John Nicholson
THE NIGHT WEARS ON 25:30 Read by John Nicholson
A SLAUGHTER GRIM AND GREAT 31:48 Read by John Nicholson
ALPHONSE EXPLAINS 29:19 Read by John Nicholson
INTO THE UNKNOWN 31:44 Read by John Nicholson
THE ROSE OF FIRE 34:39 Read by John Nicholson
THE FROWNING CITY 38:42 Read by John Nicholson
THE SISTER QUEENS 40:03 Read by John Nicholson
ABOUT THE ZU-VENDI PEOPLE 31:12 Read by John Nicholson
THE FLOWER TEMPLE 41:42 Read by John Nicholson
SORAIS' SONG 36:04 Read by John Nicholson
BEFORE THE STATUE 28:24 Read by John Nicholson
THE STORM BREAKS 32:55 Read by John Nicholson
WAR! RED WAR! 40:17 Read by John Nicholson
A STRANGE WEDDING 25:22 Read by John Nicholson
THE BATTLE OF THE PASS 37:48 Read by John Nicholson
AWAY! AWAY! 26:11 Read by John Nicholson
HOW UMSLOPOGAAS HELD THE STAIR 36:39 Read by John Nicholson
I HAVE SPOKEN 23:19 Read by John Nicholson
BY ANOTHER HAND 20:51 Read by John Nicholson


Reader perfect for this

(5 stars)

I really enjoyed this reading by John Nicholson. I believe his voice is perfect for this sort of rugged story. John has narrated other Haggard books and I have listen to all of them, enjoying them immensely! Please keep in mind Shadows, that LibriVox volunteers record books they love. LibriVox runs with a zero operating budget as all the volunteers donate their time and purchase their own recording equipment. Therefore suing LibriVox would be a futile effort. Of course you do have the option of purchasing audiobooks or making your own recordings. No one is forcing you to listen to Librivox audiobooks. I give John Nicholson TEN OUT OF TEN STARS! Well done John!

About the book and recording

(4 stars)

About the book: Allan Quatermain is best enjoyed by the die hard fans of H Haggard. Certainly not as good as King Solomon's Mines. About the reading: Considering the work is done by voluteers for free, not bad. And as librivox states, if you don't like a reading, you can voluteer yourself and do another version of the same book.

(5 stars)

long highway drive made while listening to this audio book!!!... before i knew it i was at my destination cant believe how the time flew... great read!!!!!!!

Classic Adventure

(4 stars)

This is a great and classic adventure. As mentioned by other reviewers, however, it is the "end" of the series (even though it was the second book written), so you might want try some of the other Quatermain stories first (King Solomon's Mines is a must and John Nicholson's Librivox reading is well worth listening to! But also try "Child of Storm", "Marie", and "Finished" among others). While the reader, John Nicholson, is clearly not a Brit, or a South African, something in his tone manages to convey the heart of the great hunter as well as the great expanses of South and Eastern Africa. I greatly enjoyed this recording and would recommend it.

Haggard is amazing...

(5 stars)

Okay not only is every one of Haggard's books amazing, esp the Allan Quatermain series, full of adventure and excitement that makes you wish you lived back then, except for the death and gore ...well anyway absolutely top-notch story and the narrator was beyond amazing.

Really nice

(4 stars)

I thought the fella that did this was pretty descent. I kinda felt that his voice sorta fit this story. There were a couple of spots the recording has a weird change but I still really enjoyed this.

Great adventure!

(4 stars)

Lots of fun with action and intrigue aplenty; staying more or less within the lines of The People of the Mist and King Solomon's Mines. Also well read! (by a single reader as well, which is best)

(2.5 stars)

I was so bored with this story. I had expectations of a vigorous romp through Africa. The love story bored me to tears. And the reader sounded so tired he about put me to sleep. Disappointed.