The Boats of the 'Glen Carrig'

Read by Jason Mills

(4.6 stars; 107 reviews)

Eighteenth-century sailors adrift in a lifeboat encounter strange lands and weird creatures in their search for home. A creepy tale of nautical adventure. - Summary by Jason Mills (4 hr 49 min)


The Land of Lonesomeness 13:00 Read by Jason Mills
The Ship in the Creek 9:35 Read by Jason Mills
The Thing That Made Search 14:24 Read by Jason Mills
The Two Faces 13:23 Read by Jason Mills
The Great Storm 15:09 Read by Jason Mills
The Weed-Choked Sea 18:05 Read by Jason Mills
The Island in the Weed 14:56 Read by Jason Mills
The Noises in the Valley 17:00 Read by Jason Mills
What Happened in the Dusk 17:48 Read by Jason Mills
The Light in the Weed 17:21 Read by Jason Mills
The Signals from the Ship 15:46 Read by Jason Mills
The Making of the Great Bow 20:27 Read by Jason Mills
The Weed Men 21:10 Read by Jason Mills
In Communication 24:19 Read by Jason Mills
Aboard The Hulk 24:43 Read by Jason Mills
Freed 20:05 Read by Jason Mills
How We Came To Our Own Country 12:09 Read by Jason Mills



(5 stars)

Really enjoyed this story. It was lovecraftian in nature and the reader is one of the most excellent ones I have come across! He really brought the story to life!

Great Adventure

(5 stars)

T This book should be made into a movie! It's is a great take tale of the unknown doldrums and high seas adventure. Hodgson adds twists to this story leaving you wondering what will happen next, yet doing so with great sensibility.

an all time creepy fav

(5 stars)

this book is just such a treat. it's very creepy and really properly evokes a feeling of terror at times. the reading is absolutely brilliant as well. a must listen.

this book is one of the greatest...

(5 stars)

nautical tales of adventure, bravery, and spooky unknowns. the Reader did a fine job. thank you, Librivox & Jason Mills, for a fun story I hope to listen to again.


(5 stars)

At times it read like "Treasure Island" with worse characterization, and at times it felt like "Dagon" with less suspense, but at times it sang with Hodgson's creativity.

Made the hairs on my arm stand on end

(5 stars)

A great take of horror read by a great reader. This is a seriously creepy tale

(4 stars)

I very much enjoyed this novella due in no small part to the excellence of the narration.

know your boats

(4 stars)

spends a loooooot of discourse describing the construction of items. narrator is clear.